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1.How do you rate the sequence of the Courses provided in the curriculum?
2.How do you rate the syllabus of the courses in relation to the competencies expected out of the course?
3.How do you rate the structure framed for entire program?
4.How do you rate the sequence of the units in the course?
5.How do you rate the allocation of the credits to the courses?
6.How do you rate the distribution of the contact hours among the course components (L-T-P)?
7.How do you rate the offering of the electives in terms of their relevance to the specialization streams?
8.How do you rate the electives offered in relation to the Technological advancements?
9.How do you rate the relevance of the Text Books and reference books by their International recognition to the Courses?
10.How do you rate the sequence of the Courses that you have studied are in sequence to what you have studied in the previous semester?
11.Rate the Size of syllabus in terms of the load on the student
12.Rate the courses in terms of extra learning or self learning considering the design of the courses
13.Rate the courses in terms of sequence of offering considering whether the preceding courses have been covered.
14.How do you Rate the loading of the courses in a semester?
15.How do you rate the evaluation scheme designed for each of the course?
16.How do you rate the objectives stated for each of the course?
17.How do you rate competencies expected out of the course?
18.How do you rate the composition of the courses in terms of Basic science, Engineering science, Humanities, Discipline core, discipline elective, open elective, project etc.?
19.How do you rate the percentage of courses having LAB components?
20.How do you rate the domain used for designing the experiments for the LAB components?
Recommendations for course improvement (Please specify topics that should be added/dropped from the course, new books to be recommended, changes in teaching scheme and experiments, etc. if any)