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Feedback System

At KLEF, monitoring of feedback is a continuous process. Feedback is obtained from students and parents on various aspects. Feedback is taken through personal interaction with students, interaction with parents in addition to mid-semester and end-semester feedback.

Email lD (dean.academics@kluniversity.in) of Dean Academics is given to the students so that they can contact Dean Academics at any time.

For personal interaction, Dean Academics has a representative in each section. Dean Academics will interact with these students in person to have first hand feel of the teaching process.

Online Feedback is collected from all the students once at the end of the semester using well designed questionnaire. Personal feedback is collected separately within 4-5 weeks of commencement of the semester by HOD/Dean Academics.

Online Feedback Forms

Academic Peers Feedback On Curriculum

Alumni Feedback on Curriculum

Industry Personnel Feedback on the Curriculum

Parent Feedback on Curriculum

Student Feedback on Curriculum

Stakeholders Feedback Analysis and Action Taken Reports

1. Academic Year - 2012-13

2. Academic Year - 2013-14

3. Academic Year - 2014-15

4. Academic Year - 2015-16

5. Academic Year - 2016-17

6. Academic Year - 2017-18

7. Academic Year - 2018-19

8. Academic Year - 2019-20

9. Academic Year - 2020-21