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Student Feedback on Career Counseling and Competitive Examination Guidance

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1.How do you rate the Guidance for Competitive examination?
2.How do you rate the Career Counselling activities?
3.How do you rate the modules relevant to the competitive exams?
4.How would you rate the quality of the instructor?
5.How engaging was the course instructor?
6.Rate the quality of the course content?
7.How do you rate the interactive sessions?
8.How do you rate the model tests?
9.How do you rate the practice sessions?
10.How do you rate the online/offline sessions?
11.Did the training content meet your expectations?
12.Was the size of your training group appropriate?
13.How would you rate the quality of the training?
14.Was the mix of presentations and activities suitable?
15.Did you learn anything new?
16.Was the training relevant to your needs?
17.How do you rate the training methods?
18.How do you rate the availability of instructors?
19.How helpful was the multimedia (photos, videos, etc) in the course?
20.Rate your overall experience on the course
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