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Industry Personnel Feedback on Curriculum

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1.How do you rate relevance of the courses in relation to the program?
2.How do you rate the sufficiency of the courses related to industry that are included in the program?
3.How do you rate the competencies in relation to the course content?
4.How do you rate the sequence of the units in the syllabus?
5.How do you rate the relevance of the topics to the Industry?
6.Rate the offering of the in relation to the specialization streams?
7.How do you rate the offering of the electives in relation to the Technological advancements?
8.How do you rate the courses which are skills related suiting to the Industry included into the programs?
9.How do you rate the applicability of the domains and the tools used for designing the experiments in terms of existing practices in the Industry?
10.How do you rate the experiments in terms of their relevance to the real life application?
Recommendations for course improvement (Please specify topics that should be added/dropped from the course, new books to be recommended, changes in teaching scheme and experiments, etc. if any)