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Faculty Feedback on Curriculum

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1.Aims and objectives of the syllabi are well defined and clear to teachers and students.
2.The curriculum provides opportunity for the conducting research and project related activities.
3.The depth of the course content is adequate to have significant learning outcomes.
4.The opinion of the faculty members are taken in to account during curriculum revision.
5.The learning outcomes of the curriculum are of local, national and global standard.
6.The pre-requisite courses are appropriate for this course.
7.The students attain the POs, COs and PSOs satisfactorily.
8.The curriculum has the potential in developing the habit of self learning among the students.
9.The course/syllabus has a good balance between theory and Laboratory-work.
10.Evaluation of the course is appropriate to discriminate the students.
Recommendations for course improvement (Please specify topics that should be added/dropped from the course, new books to be recommended, changes in teaching scheme and experiments, etc. if any)