To Empower women through education, skill-building, and advocacy to create a society of equality and opportunities.To develop equitable opportunities for the educational avenues for women

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The mission of the Women Development Cell is to promote gender equality, create a safe and supportive environment for women, and empower them with resources, opportunities, and awareness to achieve their full potential in all spheres of life.

Upcoming Events
Event Dates
Evensem- activity 9- Legal Awarness camp on women legal rights 1st Week of March 2024
Workshop on " Software Packages for Application Development" 1st Week of March 2024
International Women's Day Celebrations 1st week of March 2024
Activity 5: Identification of people with anemia and awareness 2nd Week of March 2024
Evensem- activity 10- Legal Awarness camp on women legal rights 2nd Week of March 2024
Activity 10 - Workshop on Exclusive schemes and benefits to Women Entrepreneurs 2nd Week March 2024
Women's Forum Monthly meeting 3rd Week of March 2024
Review -5 meeting for the women empowerment teams 4th week of March 2024