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The Alumni Relations Cell Advisory Board /Executive Members who are the senior members of the K L University ,who extend suggestions and support for the upliftment of KLU alumni fraternity.

S.No Function
1  To organize and develop the sound professional practices and an accepted code of professional ethics.
2  To work in close liaison with The K L University (KLEF), KLCE India. With respective to the various programs, certification programs, PhD Program etc., and other continuing education programs meant for the benefit of the professionals.
3  To conduct and sponsor seminars, conferences, executive developments programs, research studies, publications, and consultancy works aimed at creating and disseminating knowledge and improving professional practices for the professionals of KLCE /KLU.
4  To establish vocational and employment guidance centers with a view to provide employment opportunity for the professionals of KLCE/KLU.
5  To publish journals, Magazines, News Letters, books, monograms, etc., for dissemination of knowledge among the professionals of KLCE/KLU.
6  To promote the common interest of the members of the Alumni Cell
7  To promote social, educational and cultural activities.
8  To do all things necessary or expedient to promote the above objectives.
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