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Ar.Priya is an experienced architect and educator specializing in resource management, vernacular architecture, Sustainability, and circular economy. With experience of 12 years in teaching and 4 years in industry, she excels in subjects like architectural designs, climatology, building construction, and more. Ar. Priya has published papers on flood risk management, solid waste strategies, and the impact of deep learning on industrial management. She has been expertise in courses such as energy conservation, AutoCAD, and sustainable cities. Known for her holistic approach and dedication to sustainability.
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Deputy HOD Profile

As a premier institution for architecture careers in india,KL School of Architecture plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of aspiring architects.Recognising that architecture is an evergreen career choice driven by the universal human desire for meaningful spaces,our institute stands out for its commitment to nurturing creative talents,fostening innovation, and preparing students to excel in the dynamic field of architectural design.Join us at KL School of Architecture for an unparalled education that propels your architectural journey to new heights.
His guiding principle is "Think before you ink."
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The SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE, K L Deemed to be University focuses on a unique approach by blending design, creativity and objectivity with a social purpose. The focus empowers students of architecture in their design skills combined with social analysis and communication skills.

Students additionally during the course are exposed to thought provoking and intellectually inspiring sessions, through studios, field trips and research projects, which brings out their creative best.

The School offers interactive classes by highly skilled faculties and good infrastructure which makes easy.


The KLEF School of Architecture offers five years Bachelors degree in Architecture with an advanced curriculum that allows students to try and design variety of things from murals to wall paints and from hanging gardens to skyscrapers. Students will be given hands on experience using the state of the art studio infrastructure, industry interaction, professional exposure and internships by involving students in ongoing projects.

The motto is to train the student to be able to design unique and innovative styles with the minimal resources to attain the maximum benefits, applying eco-friendly techniques. We made every effort in taking our students to great heights by facilitating teaching learning through projects, field visits, interactive sessions and learning by doing it practically in the studio.



To be a globally renowned university


To impart quality higher education and to undertake research and extension with emphasis on application and innovation that cater to the emerging societal needs through all-round development of the students of all sections enabling them to be globally competitive and socially responsible citizens with intrinsic values


To evolve as one of the renowned architectural schools globally


To impart higher quality education making the students well equipped to face the challenges of future trends in the architectural field enabling them to be globally competitive and socially responsible with intrinsic values.

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