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Guest Lectures

A Guest Lecture On – “ How to crack written test in campus drive” by Mr. A Mourya, Software Engineer Infosys Bangalore on 13-Aug-2019

A Guest Lecture On – “ Importance of Engineering in Industry and Research Field” by Dr.Sivaji Chakravorti,NIT Calicut Director on 09-Aug-2019

A Guest Lecture On – “ Startup Related Issues” by Mr.Sarath and Mr.Chakravarthy on 05-Aug-2019

A Guest Lecture On – “Role Of Cyber Security – Industry Perspective” by KAKARLAPUDI RAJA SEKHAR on 11-Jan-2019

A Guest lecture on “Cyber Security” by Mr.RohitPonnapallion 22nd August 2018.

A Guest lecture on “Importance of Cyber Security” by Mr.RohitPonnapallion 2ndAugust 2018.

A Guest Lecture on Data Structure and Object Oriented Programming on 20th September 2017

Guest Lecture on Embedded System Programming using Arduino on 25-07-2017


A Guest lecture (ALUMNI TALK) on “Startups and Entrepreneurship Skills” on 1st September 2016

A Guest lecture on “Recent Trends in VLSI Design” on 18th February 2016

A Guest Lecture on “DATA STRUCTURES USING C AND C++” by Dr. D.V.S.S. SUBRAHMANYAM ,on 29-01-2016.

A Guest Lecture on “INTELLIGENT ROBOTIC SYSTEMS” by Dr. J Ravi Kumar, NIT Warangal on 18-9-2015.

A Guest Lecture on Digital Forensics by Mr.NItyanand-CEO Entersoft labs ,20th August 2015

A Guest Lecture on “NOSQL Databases & Big Data Analytics” by Dr.DVLN Somayajulu.

A guest lecture on “Modern Trends in Broadcasting” is organized on 26-03-15 for III/IV B.Tech and M.Tech (ES & WCSN) Students.

A Guest Lecture on "Modeling challenges in state-of-art VLSI devices: FinFETs and Multi-gate devices" on 25-02-15.

A Guest Lecture on "Wireless Sensor Network based health care system" conducted by Embedded Systems & Sensor Networks Research Group on 20-02-15.

A Guest Lecture on Intellectual Property Awareness and Current Scenario conducted by Embedded Systems Research Group on 08th March-2014.

A Guest Lecture on Sensor Networks conducted by Sensor and Research Group on 25th March-2013.

A Guest Lecture on Advanced concepts on Web Technologies conducted by Web Technologies Reasearch Group on 12th Feb-2013.

A Guest Lecture on Image Processing conducted by Image Processing Research Group on 12th March-2013.

S.No Guest Topic Date Students For
1 Dr Ramachandra Reddy, Professor, SVU Digital Signal Processing 26-03-10 III/IV, IV/IV ECE
2 Mr J Bhaskar Globalization ressision impact on IT industry 02-12-09 III/IV, IV/IV ECE
3 Dr Uma Garimella Effective teaching strategies 28-10-09    Faculty
4 Mr Subba Rao , SHAR, Sri harikota Advanced topics in RADARS 18-09-09 III/IV, IV/IV ECE
5 Dr Vemuri Ranga Director Design Environments laboratory, University of Cincinnati ,USA Microchip Designing Sep21 -25 2008 II/IV ,III/IV,IV
6 Dr R V Raja Kumar,
IIT, Kharagpur
Capability of a wireless Channel 02-02-08 II/IV,III/IV,IV/IV B.Tech ECE
7 Dr Ramesh Garg,
IIT, Kharagpur
Microstrip Antennas 02-02-08 II/IV,III/IV,IV/IV B.Tech ECE
8 Dr P Sri Hari Rao,
Electrical Warfare System 02-02-08 II/IV,III/IV,IV/IV B.Tech ECE
9 Dr B Yagnanarayana,
Speech Processing 02-02-08 II/IV,III/IV,IV/IV B.Tech ECE
10 Dr N.S.N Sarma,
Professor& HOD NIT, Warangal
Mobile & Cellular Communication 02-02-08 II/IV,III/IV,IV/IV B.Tech ECE
11 Dr M Lakshminarayana,
RF,Microwave& Millimetric Wave System-II 02-02-08 II/IV,III/IV,IV/IV B.Tech ECE
12 Dr L Pratap Reddy,
Professor, JNTU, HYD
Image Processing-III 02-02-08 II/IV,III/IV,IV/IV B.Tech ECE
13 Dr N Chalapathi,
Sr Manager, IBM Research, USA
Bio-medical Signal Processing 02-02-08 II/IV,III/IV,IV/IV B.Tech ECE
14 Dr V Pandari Pandae,
Professor, OU, HYD
Phased array Antennas 02-02-08 II/IV,III/IV,IV/IV B.Tech ECE
15 Dr P V  Ananda Mohan,
Executive Director  ECIL
VLSI, Signal Processing 02-02-08 II/IV,III/IV,IV/IV B.Tech ECE
16 Dr R Gangopadhayay,
IIT, Kharagpur
Communicatio System –II 02-02-08 II/IV,III/IV,IV/IV B.Tech ECE
17 Dr T Venkateswarlu,
Professor, SVU, Thirupathi
Signal Processing-II 02-02-08 II/IV,III/IV,IV/IV B.Tech ECE
18 Dr C B Rama Rao ,
Professor, NIT,
19 Dr M B Srinivas,
Associate Professor, IIIT, HYD
Specialization 01-02-08 II/IV,III/IV,IV/IV B.Tech ECE
20 Dr G.S.N Raju,
Dean, Academics, R&D, AU, VSKP
Antennas& ArraySignal Processing 01-02-08 II/IV,III/IV,IV/IV B.Tech ECE
21 Dr B.C Jinega,
Rector JNTU, HYD
  01-02-08 II/IV,III/IV,IV/IV ECE
22 Dr Wimple Van Den Barg,
Grintek Aviation, South Africa
DSP at KHZ-GHZ Range 01-02-08 II/IV,III/IV,IV/IV B.Tech ECE
23 Dr H S Jamadagni,
IISC ,Banglore
Wireless Sensor Networks 01-02-08 II/IV,III/IV,IV/IV B.Tech ECE
24 Mr S Thiagarajan,
General Manager   ECIL
Communication Systems-1 01-02-08 II/IV,III/IV,IV/IV B.Tech ECE
25 Dr P Raghavendra  Rao,
Radar & Electronic warfare Systems 01-02-08 II/IV,III/IV,IV/IV B.Tech ECE
26 Dr Somanathsen Gupta,
Image Processing-I 01-02-08 II/IV,III/IV,IV/IV B.Tech ECE
27 Dr B Prabhakararao,
Vice Principal, JNTU, Kakinda
Communication Systems-III 01-02-08 II/IV,III/IV,IV/IV B.Tech ECE
28 Dr PVD SomasekharaRao,
Director, School of IT,JNTU,HYD
RF, Microwave & Millimetric Wave Systems-I 01-02-08 II/IV,III/IV,IV/IV B.Tech ECE
29 Mr P Soma,
Group Director  (MOHA)ISTRAC,ISRO
Technology Challengers in Satellite Navigation 01-02-08 II/IV,III/IV,IV/IV B.Tech ECE
30 Dr S Anjaneyulu,
Jackson University, USA
Importance of Nano Technology 22-12-07 (IV) ECE,EEE,MECH,IST,ECM
31 Mr M Chakravarthy,
Antennas & Applications 22-09-07 III/IV,IV/IV ECE
32 Dr R V Raja Kumar
Professor, IIT, Kharagpur
DSP& Design 14-08-07 School of Electrical Science
33 Dr V P Kodali,
Director DOE, lifefellow, IEEE
Electro Magnetic Compatibility 14-08-07 II/IV,III/IV,IV/IV B.Tech ECE
34 Dr Vemuri Ranga
Director Design Environments laboratory, University of Cincinnati ,USA
Microchip Designing 10-08-07 II/IV ECE,EEE,CSE,IST

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