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Today’s world requires industry ready students with enough skills that can help in job placements, and KL (deemed to be) University promises to build future ready leaders – students who are industry ready to face challenges head on, fully prepared with core skills and additional soft skills.

Every student is assigned a University guide & Company guide who will help them with the required skilling. Additionally, students are also encouraged to reach out to their respective departments which can help them right from finalization of title of the work, providing any technical support during the program, conducting interim evaluation and final evaluation.

The Practice School program allows a student to practice concepts learnt in classrooms in real-life situations while also sensitizing them to the ways of workplace behaviour by assigning time-bound projects as in a company. It also helps create awareness among students about their strengths and weaknesses in the work environment, as well as provide them with a platform to take up on-the-job Engineering Training and develop a network, useful to enhance their career prospects.

During the practice school/summer internship program, each student is trained to develop their:
1. Problem solving, critical thinking and innovation abilities,
2. Curiosity to learn,
3. Communication skills,
4. Team work, Responsibility, Professional and Ethical behaviour.
5. Attitude and Discipline.
University is sending B.Tech. students to 1 month summer internship after 2nd year and to practice school during 4th year 7th sem/8th sem. Apart from B.Tech. practice school program, University caters the need of summer internship programs and semester internships of other programs viz., M.Tech., MBA, BBA, BBA-LLB, B.Com., BHM, B.Pharm. B.Arch. etc. Various internships conducted for the last 5 years is presented below:

Why Practice School


  • Enables students to have a smoother transition from academics to professional world
  • Enhances interpersonal skills, communication skills, leadership qualities etc.
  • Provides an opportunity to students to apply some of the ideas/skill sets in their careers, which also enhances their confidence levels
  • Enables students to be aware of their personal strengths and limitations as professionals
  • Increases marketability of students after graduation
  • Provides link with potential future employers

Students are judged on

  • Goal setting
  • Achieving targets
  • Application of engineering tools
  • Objectives of training program
  • Means to achieve targets
  • Application of theory in practice
  • Quality presentation
  • Quality of report preparation
  • Over coming limitations
  • Communication skills
  • Attitude and Discipline
  • Efficiency in planning and execution

List of PS Companies

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