Dr P V Chalapathi

Director Practice School

Practice School program is a valuable learning component in our academic program. Employers complain that Indian graduates and postgraduates performance in their first job is substandard, lack ambition and have limited productivity. Our University does not want to produce such graduates. Hence this Practice School program is aiming at producing graduates and post graduates who fit the organizational requirements of leading companies

During the Practice School program each student can focus on the following parameters and develop:

  • a) Problem solving techniques, critical thinking and innovation
  • b) Curiosity to learn
  • c) Communication skills
  • d) Team work
  • e) Responsibility
  • f) Professional and Ethical behavior
  • g) Attitude and Discipline


Practice School program would be a great learning experience as it enables students to apply theory in practice. Students observe and learn the contemporary developments in technology and industrial practices. Keeps students motivated all the time in a non-threatening environment to bring out the student’s potential. During the Practice School a student will cherish the memories far greater than in a classroom setting. Every student is assigned to a university guide and a company guide, who constantly guide, train and evaluate them throughout the program. We believe that the students and their guides will put in their best efforts to make the Practice School program a big success.

Empower, enrich and enlighten our students through Practice School.

With best wishes...

Dr. P. V. Chalapathi
Director of Practice School

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