Training Outcomes:

      The Outcomes of training program’s offered by ASC are as follows (but not limited to):

    1. Ability to be an effectivemoderator, who can excel in both online as well as classroom based delivery and specifically in Blended learning methods

    2. Ability to communicate effectively in both written as well as oral communication

    3. Ability to effectively used latest tools: Software/ Hardware / ICT in their relevant areas of academics/ research.

    4. Proficient in project management, design, innovation and entrepreneurship skills

    5. Ability to develop new/ novel practices of teaching/learning

    6. Ability to develop Customized learning content

    7. Ability to effectively utilise learning content management systems for course integration

    8. Handle learning analytics for course and delivery refinement

    9. Become a competent professional with networking for collaboration with multi-disciplinary teams