Youth Red Cross Unit (YRC) Calendar of Event 2018-19

S. No EVENT NAME Month in which to be Conducted
1 National Immunization Awareness '1st week, August -2020
2 Children’s Eye Health and Safety 3rd Week, August 2020
3 World Anti-Suicide Day 2nd week, September 2020
4 National Cholesterol Education 3rd Week, September 2020
5 International Infection Prevention Week 2nd Week, October 2020
6 World Antibiotic Awareness Week November 2020
7 World Anti-AIDS Day celebrations 01.12.2020
8 Anti Tobacco Day and stop to junk food 1st Week, February 2021
9 Heart health Awareness Program by YRC 3rd week of February-2021
10 National Nutrition Awareness Month by YRC 1st Week, March 2021
11 World Immunization Awareness by YRC 2nd week, April 201