Upcoming Events

  • 1st week, August -2020: National Immunization Awareness
  • 3rd Week, August 2020:Children's Eye Health and Safety
  • 2nd week, September 2020:World Anti-Suicide Day
  • 3rd Week, September 2020:National Cholesterol Education
  • 2nd Week, October 2020:International Infection Prevention Week
  • November 2020:World Antibiotic Awareness Week
  • 01.12.2020:World Anti-AIDS Day celebrations
  • 1st Week, February 2021:Anti Tobacco Day and stop to junk food
  • 3rd week of February-2021:Heart health Awareness Program by YRC
  • 1st Week, March 2021:National Nutrition Awareness Month by YRC
  • 2nd week, April 2021:World Immunization Awareness by YRC


To imbibe social consciousness into the student community to service the society without selfishness.


To organize philanthropic activities with special concentration on welfare of children, youth, women, rural and urban-slum population. To organize public awareness activities. To protect the environment with the help of awareness programmes on waste management, solar power generation, etc…, To review YRC. To provide Engineering Solutions for persistent social problems and for profitability in agricultural sector. To induce the concept of inclusive growth among student community by organizing fund raising activities that may include on stage performances, video presentations, literature circulation (newsletters) etc.

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