KL College of Agriculture

Program of Study

The B.Sc.(Hons) Agriculture Degree is a 4 – year Course (over 8 Semesters) covering a variety of subjects ranging from Ethics and Human Values, Basic Sciences, Applied Sciences, Social Sciences and Information Technology, and being continuously updated by the Deans’ Committees appointed by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) periodically. Recently, the Fifth Deans’ Committee constituted by the ICAR has made a lot of improvement in quality of Agricultural Curriculum to be more competitive internationally. In line with all the Agricultural Universities in India, the K L University has adapted to the Fifth Deans’ Committee recommended course curriculum for the B. Sc. (Hons) Agriculture, a Professional Degree Programme, as it is mandatory for accreditation by the ICAR through the National Agricultural Education Accreditation Board. In addition, the KLU adds valuecontinuously to the curriculumduly integrating emerging issues and challenges in Agriculture Nationally and Internationally with its unique training and imparting life skills to see that the Graduates are more future-ready and be ahead of their peers. Further, all the students are mentored duly taking their goals and interests on one-on-one basis quite early in their degree program, by the end of the 2nd year, and tailorcounseling and training. Ultimately, the KLU prepares its Graduates to know / device their career path for sure before they take off from the University.

Various courses of the curriculum are holistically distributed year- wise during the 4-year period.

The term READY refers to “Rural Entrepreneurship Awareness Development Yojana”, which is aimed at to reorient Agriculture Graduates for ensuring and assuring employability and develop entrepreneurs for emerging knowledge intensive Agriculture. The student READY Program covered in 7th and 8th Semesters:

Semester VII

Rural Agricultural Work Experience (RAWE) and Agro-Industrial Attachment (AIA): This program will be undertaken by the students during the seventh semester for a total duration of 20 weeks with a weight age of 0+20 credit hours in two parts, namely, RAWE and AIA.

Semester VIII

Experiential Learning Programme (ELP)/ Hands on Training (HOT). This program will be undertaken by the students during the eighth semester for a total duration of 24 weeks with a weightage of 0+20 credit hours. The students will register for any of two modules, selected from the basket of production modules based on the student’s interest, of 0+10 credit hours each.