• An aim in life is the only fortune worth finding. ~ Robert Louis Stevenson

    We have multiple aims but we have a single aim of making you a winner. There are divergent paths to success, there is one preferred way yet. We know the way; we take you on that to the right destination. Since the road to success to UPSC is quite an up-hill task prospective aspirants often get back or even when they are on the path, their movements are stymied. Here in comes, the critical need of motivation that is the golden key to success. We have an aim to properly build the personality of our students through right knowledge. We aim at overall improvement in thinking and skill enhancement through regular practice. Not just knowledge giving but correct application of it is far more important than anything else and so we focus on holistic approach. Our curricula are designed in such a way that knowledge, skill, application, values and social awareness are integral to our core system. Communication is the key to success and we give utmost importance to it whereas character is the bedrock on which life is built. Our basic aim is to turn young minds into probing, thinking, connecting, applying and acting individuals powered with knowledge.

    The academic establishment should guide and support the social structure. We made it a point that our students build love towards subject and sustain the interest through the inspirational lectures. Knowledge when properly applied result in good action.

    Thus we aim at building a strong army of academically strong, culturally sensitive, emotionally balanced, properly groomed and matured who would be ready to serve the nation Academic brilliance should lead to societal building through active participation in a number of activities that promote social awareness, consciousness of social issues and societal development. For this we employ a whole variety of tools that would include smart village, projects, NSS, NCC, helping in crisis etc.

    Our aim is therefore, channelizing the young talent into success by building personality.

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