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History of NSS

Launched in the year 1969 in KLU, the motto of the National Service Scheme (NSS) is to engage the students in nation building through volunteer social services right at the inception. NSS helps students to understand the challenges the communities face and allows the students to come with solutions to stimulate socio-economic progress at the community level. The main idea of introducing the voluntary activity in the campus is to develop healthy contacts between the students and teachers while establishing a constructive link between the campus and the community.


The motto is to put the community interests first followed by the individuals to inculcate a sense of collectivism, against individual ambitions and aspirations. It underlines the importance of community welfare, which ultimately leads to the welfare of the individual citizen.

NSS Logo

The symbol of the NSS is based on the wheel from the rock chariot of the historic Sun temple at Konark in Odessa. It denotes the significance of the life as cycle ofcreation, preservation and release, and signify the movement in life across time and space. It is a symbol of transformation and social upgradation of the needy.

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