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Computer Science & Information Technology

About B.Tech CSIT Program.

The B.Tech COMPUTER SCIENCE & INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (CSIT) is started in the year 2020 which offers Undergraduate program (B.Tech.), and Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy) with well experienced faculty who contribute immensely for the all-round development of students of the B.Tech CSIT Program.

This four-year undergraduate program is a blend of engineering and tool-based skill-driven learning. While giving significance to prototype building, this program also masters in making students immediately recruit able and billable by the industry. Every course in every specialization is attached with plethora of tools that are significant in the industry today and in the future. This program explores the opportunities that the IT sector is bringing in globally. From managerial aspects in IT to the hands-on tools in web development, this program is the right choice for students who aspire the IT sector and have that zeal to be a tool proficient.

Globally, Information Technology (IT) skills continue to be in high demand from businesses in many sectors and this field experiencing explosive growth. This Computer Science and Information Technology degree is designed to meet the needs of these businesses, to pursue a rewarding career. The curriculum was design to meet the emerging technologies of IT sector. The course combines theoretical knowledge with practical experiments to prepare for the world of work.

Specializations in B.Tech CSIT Program

The B.Tech CSIT Program offers EIGHT (8) specializations in B.Tech. CSIT –

  • Data Science & Big Data Analytics
  • Artificial Intelligence & Intelligent Process Automation
  • Cloud and Edge Computing
  • Software Modelling and DevOps
  • Cyber Security & Block Chain Technology
  • Game Development and UX Design

Cohorts in B.Tech. CSIT Program

  • Cross Platform Development Technologies
  • Management Information Systems

Accreditation & Awards

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