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Welcome to the Department Of English:

"Viewed freely, the English language is the accretion and growth of every dialect, race, and range of time, and is both the free and compacted composition of all". -Walt Whitman

English is without a doubt the actual universal language. English-speaking countries are responsible for about 40% of the world's total Gross National Product (GNP). It is the language of the media, cinema, TV, pop music and the computer world. Economics, Politics and military aspects play a significant role in the growth of English. By a lucky coincidence due to factors above, English, the Universal language, is one of the simplest and easiest natural languages in the world. Language learning is a matter of transforming perceptions into conceptions and then using language to represent these conceptions. It is also one of the most analytical languages, with no significant synthetic, fusional or agglutinative characteristics. In the recent times, English Language Teaching (ELT) tradition has undergone a phenomenol change with a constant change in teaching methodologies.

Knowing English allows people to enjoy their life and work no matter where they are. For engineering students whose mother tongue is not English, mastering English is even more important, not only for their academic life but also for their prospective career. In order to master the engineering knowledge and skills better, engineering students should own the English language competence. Most of the scientific papers or journals in the world are written in English. Most of the engineering graphs are also marked in English. Moreover, most engineering professors in various universities are also conducting their lectures in English. Hence, engineering students should at least master the basic English ability to deal with the countless English lectures, tutorials, labs, projects and papers. Finally, they have to submit their important theses, still in English.

Latest News

PRVN Kesava Kumar, scholar in the Dept. of English with Regd. No 13324007, was awarded Ph.D for her thesis IMAGES OF INDIA IN THE SELECT NOVELS OF SALMAN RUSHDIE vide notification KLEF/AR/Ph.D/Humanities/2017-18/77 dated 12-01-2018.

Tummala Sai Mamata, scholar in the Dept. of English with Regd. No 13324012, was awarded Ph.D for her thesis A STRUGGLE BETWEEN THE SOCIAL COMMITMENTS AND INTERNAL EMOTIONS OF WOMEN IN INDIA -- A RETROSPECTION THROUGH MANJU KAPUR'S NOVELS vide notification KLEF/AR/Ph.D/Humanities/2017-18/76 dated 12-01-2018.

S Lavanya, scholar in the Dept. of English with Regd. No 10324101, was awarded Ph.D for her thesis THE QUEST BY WOMEN IN THE SELECT NOVELS OF SASHI DESPANDE AND ANITA DESAI: A STUDY vide notification KLEF/AR/Ph.D/Humanities/2017-18/73 dated 30-12-2017.

National Workshops on 30-31 Aug 2017.

UG,PG & Foreign Language, Certification Courses

M.V.Ramana Moorthy,was Awarded Ph.D, for his thesis"Signature Contribution"on 23-03-2017.