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Internal Funding Projects

1.Dr. G. Mohana Charyulu & Dr. M Latha Submitted an internal Research Project titled :“ A Pearl in the Soil” A Critical Study of Neglected Writer from Andhra Pradesh who is the First Film Song Writer and Play Back Songs Recorder. Sri Chandala Keshava Dasu who is renowned as the First film song writer of Pre Independent days wrote number of Dramas, Poems and Songs in his life. All of them are very famous as far as social awareness is concerned. Unfortunately no body recognized his services and identified contribution to the language and literature. Through this project we would like to bring him to the light and publish his works with recording his songs if possible. Annamacharya knows no body else during the time of 1970’s and 80’s, Tirumala Tirupati Devastanam (TTD) identified him and brought his literature to the world. Now every body knows Annamayya. In the same way Keshava Dasu who dedicated his life to the literature should be identified.

2. Dr. G. Mohana Charyulu & Dr. M Latha Submitted an Internal Research Project Titled: “Problems of Speaking English Students Coming from the Rural Areas”with this research project we would like to identify the drawbacks of the students in speaking English and rectify them by giving a special training. The major problem to the student in speaking English is their atmosphere and background. We would like to concentrate on these areas and wanted to do experimental training to a few selected students.

3. Dr. G. Mohana Charyulu & Dr. M Latha Submitted an Internal Research Project Titled: “Questioning Style in Higher Educational Institutions: A Comparative Study of Traditional Universities pattern with Deemed Universities”. The main objective of this research proposal is the effects of Task Based Language Teaching (TBLT) reforms in Higher Education in general and Technical Universities in Particular from the perspective of Questioning Style. The results indicate the teachers did assign students different tasks to perform class and seemed to be adopting the TBLT Approach to Achieve GRE, TOEFL and other goals.