Skill Development

SWEAR Analysis
Complete Career Counselling and Support Using SWEAR Analysis
“Every student will be having a Goal (Dream) to be achieved. The only thing he needs is the right trigger at the right moment.”

By the time, a student joins Graduation or Post Graduation, there will be a lot many thoughts running in his mind. What, How and Why I am going to study? What to do after my Graduation or Post Graduation? Here we provide complete guidance to pave the career of the student based on the abilities and skills possessed by the student at the time of joining and will continue analyzing and guiding him throughout his Programme based on the upgradation of his / her skills by continuously monitoring him/her through SWEAR Analysis. SWEAR stands for the Strengths, Weaknesses, Eligibility, Availability and Resources. Through SWEAR Analysis, the activity of the student is thoroughly monitored throughout his education and give him proper guidance in achieving his dream/goal.

The following Career tracks are identified for all the programs across the university. We @KL ensure that at least one of the below 3 outcomes should be attained by the students by imparting necessary Skills.