Artificial Intelligence & Data Science

B.Tech - AI & DS Program Frequently asked questions

1. How is B.Tech AI & DS Different from Computer Science and Engineering?
• B.Tech in Artificial Intelligence & Data Science gives more depth into the domain of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science which is considered to drive all the fields of engineering in near future in terms of Automation and Intelligence.
• Computer Science and Engineering will give you general view of various sub domains under CSE out of which Artificial Intelligence and Data Science is also one of the important sub domain.

2. Can B.Tech AI & DS students get placement opportunities in software companies?
• All B.Tech AI & DS students are eligible for any software companies and CSE related companies as AI & DS is considered sub domain of CSE with more expertise in programming which is well needed for High end Software companies.
• With the AI & DS students’ exposure to high end coding, they have a high chance of getting placed in top companies compared to CSE students. • In addition to the opportunities available for the Students of Computer Science and Engineering, the exponential adoption of AI & DS in all the fields of Engineering will enhance the employability of the Students.

3. What are the special/specific placement opportunities for B.Tech AI & DS students?
An article in Forbes Magazine sources LinkedIn data that shows jobs in data science engineering are surpassing positions in traditional engineering as the top-rated jobs. The field of robotics has emerged as a job field in its own right. In fact, more than 50 percent of engineering positions were in robotics engineering, and the field of artificial intelligence specialist hiring has grown 74 percent in the last four years. Fifteen percent of companies report using AI this year; by next year that figure is expected to double. Since 2000, the number of AI startup companies has grown buy a factor of 14. One of the top-ranked robotics companies, UiPath, was valued at $7billion this year. Artificial intelligence is becoming such an integral part of culture that although only a third of consumers say they use it, data shows that figure is closer to 77 percent.
• Some of the top-rated jobs in artificial intelligence are:
• Machine learning engineer: base salary $146,085
• AI research scientist: base salary $136,233
• Software developer: base salary $104,463
• Robotics scientist: base salary $88,900
• Business intelligence developer: base salary $70,056
• Data Scientist
• Data Engineer
• Data Analyst
• Data Architect

4. Is B.Tech in AI & DS good for higher studies abroad?
B.Tech in AI & DS is recognized and acceptable for Higher studies abroad. The students who had knowledge/expertise in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science have a very good chance of getting financial support compared to general CSE students.

5. What courses are done by B.Tech AI & DS students on par with CSE to attain placements in Software companies?
• The courses which are needed for getting a placement in software companies like Data Structures, Object Oriented Programming, Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Web Engineering, Operating Systems, Advanced Data bases are included in the curriculum along with the programming languages C, Java, Python. The advanced and the latest areas of CSE which are also related to AI & DS like DevOps, Full Stack Development, Cloud and Edge Computing are also included in the curriculum.
• Communication and Soft Skills will be imparted to all the students of the university that includes English, Professional Communication Skills, Aptitude, Verbal and other courses in every semester which will be very useful for making them Employable.
• Apart from these courses, the AI & DS students will be doing 12 Courses (7 Core courses and 5 Specialization) courses specific to the domain of AI & DS giving them an extra edge.

6. How can a student who want to start his own company (Entrepreneur) benefit?
• As per NASSCOM more than 75% of the startups are using the Artificial Intelligence and Data Science and most of the tech startups that got funding uses AI.
• We have the best possible environment and support for the students who come up with innovative Ideas. Support will be provided right from the inception of an Idea in to a Business prototype is provided to the students with three special Incubation centers funded and recognized by the central government and is one of the hall mark and USP of our university.
• With a blend of TBI, ACIC and Incubation support we have in our university, the students will be encouraged and guided by Industry mentors to inculcate the startup culture in AI & DS.
• Apart from the Incubation Centers, we have Fabrication lab where a prototype can be developed from any Idea.