Artificial Intelligence & Data Science

B.Tech AI&DS Program – Unique Selling Points

B.Tech AI&DS Program Highlights

The program of Artificial Intelligence & Data Science started in the year 2020. There are more than 600 students and more than 30 qualified and committed faculty members. Furthermore, more than 100 faculty members in AI & DS research group are doing their research on various topics of AI & DS. The program teaches various courses on core computing, Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning and data science. Apart from the core engineering subjects, students are also advised to learn and use various tools and go for global certifications. These global certifications help them in placements.

The faculty and students of the program pursue their research in various fields like machine intelligence, data science, cyber security analytics etc. The faculty members guide projects to students in their research topics, which leads to publications. Moreover, the students follow the research process while doing their project work. The students who are interested in higher studies and research programmes are encouraged by our doctoral faculty. Furthermore, the program owns IEEE Consumer Society Technology students’ branch. Under the guidance of the faculty members, the students conduct various technical activities to enhance their skill sets in various technology domains.

The program offers programs like B.Tech (AI&DS), B.Tech (AI&DS) with Hons, B.Tech (AI&DS) with Hons through research, B.Tech (AI&DS) with Hons through innovation, B.Tech (AI&DS) with Hons through experiential learning. It offers 4 specializations on Social & Digital Media Analytics, IOT Analytics, Distributed Ledger Analytics, and Autonomous Systems. The program offers minors on AI & Machine Learning, Data Science, and Natural Language Processing

B.Tech AI&DS Program Advantages

  • Well Researched and Carefully Crafted Curriculum.
  • Design Based Learning and Innovative Pedagogies.
  • State of the Art Infrastructure and Research facilities.
  • Skill Development & Personality Development.
  • Internships, Placements & Bright Career Prospects.
  • Annual Exhibition of AI Prototypes.
  • Facilities for Innovation, Incubation and Entrepreneurship.
  • Course delivery through real world applications.
  • Design projects in semester.
  • Flexibility in choosing specialization streams.

Accreditation & Awards

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