Artificial Intelligence & Data Science

Academic Programs

KL University offers 4 years bachelor’s degree in Artificial Intelligence & Data Science Engineering and our courses are designed in Lecture-Tutorial-Practice-Skill (L-T-P-S) model to provide a comprehensive theoretical, practical, technical and skill-based learning experience.

Undergraduate Program

We offer 4 different types of B. Tech programs as per the student’s choice choice.

B. Tech Regular:

A student would be graduating with B. Tech Degree in Artificial Engineering & Data Science if s/he could earn minimum credits, as stipulated in the curriculum of the respective department.

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Program Educational Objectives(PEOS)

Program OutComes




B. Tech Honors

A student is eligible for B. Tech. Degree with Honors in AI & DS subject to the following criteria.

  1. S/he should have a CGPA of 8.5 or higher at the end of semester 4.
  2. S/he must earn 20 additional credits through advanced courses.

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B. Tech with Specializations

The Department of Artificial Intelligence & Data Science offers 4 years Bachelor’ s degree in AI & DA with the following specializations.

  • Autonomous Systems
  • Computational Intelligence
  • Perception and Language
  • IoT Analytics
  • Medical Intelligence
  • Social & Digital Media Analytics

B.Tech with Minor:

A student is eligible for B. Tech. Degree with a Minor, subject to the following conditions

  • Successfully acquire 20 additional credits by registering into courses offered in the category of professional core from another department.

Doctorate Degree

The Department of Artificial Intelligence & Data Science offers full time and part-time PhD programs for scholars on a diversified area. AI & Ds Research group is one of the largest research group with 167 Scholars registered for PhD program.


  • Deep Learning for Speech & Audio Technologies
  • Satellite Image processing & Computer Vision
  • AI in Healthcare

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Academic Calendar

Department of AI & DS has the most dynamic and robust academic calendar in the university. Please click here for the Academic Calendar


As a specialized branch of the global technology, the B.Tech in AI & DS have a huge scope of growth with ample opportunities to make a mark. The well-researched and carefully crafted course curriculum along with six specializations designed keeping the future of the AI & DS will provide ample opportunities for the students to become master of the technology.

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Skill Development

Apart from the core engineering subjects, A student is also exposed and well versed with the existing tools through skill part of a course apart from trying to design and implement their own tool. Some of the Tools and frameworks the students will be learning are as follows;

  • Tensorflow
  • Pytorch
  • H20
  • IBM Watson
  • Keras
  • SAS
  • Apache Spark
  • BigML

Design Based Learning

Learning through Design/Implementation which is the course delivery practice in our university for majority of the courses which is one of the unique selling points will make the student competent in getting high end jobs in the domain.

Startup Culture

AI&DS is an area which can be seen not just an area with Job Potential but also with startup potential. With a blend of TBI, ACIC and Incubation support we have in our university, the students will be encouraged and guided by Industry mentors to inculcate the startup culture in AI & DS.

Capstone Project

Capstone projects will help the student to consolidate the concepts learned in multiple subjects for developing a tool in AI & DS.  The student will be using all the knowledge and practical exposure to solve a real-world problem by developing his own tool or solution.

Research Labs

Artificial Intelligence and Data Science research group in KL is one of the largest groups with over 100 faculty who are expertise in the field of AI & DS. Academic & Research labs allow the students to explore the theory they learn in the classrooms. They can try, test, and evaluate the formulas, principles, and equations practically and learn to apply them to meet the real-time challenges. Our labs are fully equipped to meet the student’s curricular expectations. Find furnished below our academic labs, replicating the state-of-the-art technology and innovation.

  • IoT Labs
  • Signal Processing Lab (BoT lab)
  • Advanced Communication Lab