Department of Artificial Intelligence & Data Science

About AI & DS

Established in the year 2020, the department of AI and DS is the youngest department that has been set up with a goal of training students and conducting research in the fields of Artificial Intelligence & Data Science. . The department consists of highly qualified faculty with doctoral degrees from the reputed institutes of India and abroad. The department aims to train the student as leaders in AI & DS with world class infrastructure, curriculum and comprehensive hands on experience through industry connect programs. The ultimate goal is to nurturing the academic excellence, industry exposure and outstanding career opportunities to our students. .

What is AI & DS?

Living in the age of information, technological advancements like Graphical Processing Units, Sensors, and Cloud storage have enabled us to capture information efficiently, process quickly and store it in large amounts. These advancements enhanced the applications of Machine learning and Neural Networks to a wide number of fields like Speech Technology, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Robotics etc. The advancements in all these domains together created a transition from information systems into intelligent systems.

Data/information is a crucial aspect in AI systems, but the applications of data science is not confined to AI systems alone. It is widely used in Business analytics, Sports, and Health care sector. Since Artificial Intelligence and Data Science are interdisciplinary sciences, we at KLU have set up an exclusive department for AI & DS in pursuit of research, training and promotion of academic excellence in students.

Vision & Mission

Program Objectives