PEOs,POs, PSOs & COs



PEOs,POs, PSOs & COs


  • Graduate will be able to exhibits their skills in Literature and diverse literary works.
  • A graduate student able to analyze the aspects of History, Geography, Public Administration and Economy
  • Graduate will be to apply knowledge, information and research skills to complex problems in the field of Social Science and Humanities.

  • PO1: Provide knowledge and understanding of various fields of study in core disciplines in the Humanities and social sciences
  • PO2: Develop critical and analytical skills to identify and resolve of problems with in complex changing social, linguistic and literary context.
  • PO3: Understanding the general concepts and principles of selected areas of study outside core disciplines of the Humanities, Social Science and Languages
  • PO4: Follow independence in learning appropriate theories and methodologies with intellectual honesty and an understanding of ethical and human values
  • PO5: Encourage students to analyze the problems and apply this knowledge for remedies thereof
  • PO6:An ability to understand Political, socio, cultural and economic aspects of the community
  • PO7: Work with self esteem, self reliance, self reflection, and creativity to face adversities in the work ethicsand personal life
    PO8 An ability to acquire comprehensive knowledge in sustainable environment and development
    PO 9 Develop knowledge in verbal skills, analytical thinking and Communication skills.
    PO 10 Act efficiently as a leader in the diverse areas of the profession and society.

  • Inculcate leadership and administrative abilities for their future career
  • Increase inclination for higher studies and research in social sciences.
  • Gain comprehensive knowledge to succeed in competitive examinations
  • Enhance their knowledge to communicate effectively to understand the problems of Society and solve the societal problems

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