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Funded Projects

S.NoName of the PI/Co-PIDate of StartFunding AgencyTitle of the ProjectAmt Req.
(In Lakhs)
Reference NumberStatus
1Dr. K. Rajasekhara RaoNov, 2019DSTTechnology Incubation and Development of Enterpreneurs (TIDE)2.0264.620Meity/IPR/TIDE/16(2)/2019Ongoing
2Dr. K. SubrahmanyamNov, 2020DSTPrecision forming and the value addition for scheduled caste population in Piduguralla mandalam, Guntur103.220SEED/SCSP/2019/99Ongoing
3Dr. Suryakanth V GangashettyJune, 2020DRDOAlgorithms for Fast Computation of Principal Components for Self Noise Cancellation in Underwater Acoustics49.960NRB/4003/SSB/PG/466Ongoing
4Dr.P. SaikiranMarch, 2021MHRDAtal Community Innovation Centre248.00015014/06/2021Ongoing
5Dr. Suryakanth V GangashettyFeb, 2022MeitySpeech Technologies in Indian Languages 105.10011(1)/2022-HCC(TDIL)Ongoing
6Dr. Vithya Ganesan/ Co-PI Dr. S. Janardhana Rao Oct, 2022SERBIndoor and outdoor optimal path Navigator for Visually Challanged People17.410CRG/2022/002437Ongoing
7Dr. Akhilesh Kumar DubeyFeb, 2023MeitySpeech Technologies in Indian Languages –Development and Deployment of Scalable Speaker Recognition in Different Application22.23011(1)/2022-HCC(TDILOngoing
8Ms.Deevi Radha RaniNov, 2011DST-WOS-ASecuring the Embedded Systems from side channels21.600SR/WOS-A/ET-78/2011(G)Completed
9HODNov, 2013DSTInternet of things (IoT) Research Laboratory45.000SR/FST/ETI/332/2013(C) Completed
10Dr M. SreedeviDec, 2015DSTRural Women Technology Park in Tadepalle Mandal (Vaddeswaram Village), Guntur District, Andhra Pradesh86.220SEED/WS/029/2013Completed
11Dr.V.Chandra PrakashMar, 2016DSTDevelopment of an expert system for career assessment based on cognitive models16.870SR/CSRI/129/2014 (G)Completed
12Ms. Anusha Marouthu Dr. V. Srikanth(Mentor)Sep, 2016DST-WOS-AAn Effective Co-operative MAC Protocol in Multi-Channel Multi-Radio Environment of Cognitive Wireless Mesh Networks20.500SR/WOS-A/ET-1071/2015(G)Completed
13Dr. D. GovindFebraury 2023ICMRDevelopment of web based Assistive Application for Patients Suffering from Voice Impairement due to Neurological Disorder 50.000IIRP-2023-5653/F1Ongoing
14Dr. Kolla Bhanu Prakash01-04-2023MeitY Optimize Quantum Machine Learning Parameters to Solve Differential Equations26.660MeitY-QCALOngoing