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Research Programs in Department of Computer Science Engineering

The Department of Computer Science & Engineering (CS&E), created in the year 1983 and it is the largest department in the university. It offers BTech, MTech and PhD programs. The Department has been carrying out advanced research in many frontier areas of computing sciences. The department engages in rigorous research through research publications, competes for the projects of the reputed national and international bodies, faculty development programs and the student centric research approaches. The faculty of department publish number of research papers in National and International journals.

The faculty of department publish number of research papers in national and international journals. Every faculty of the department is enrolled into one the five-research group according to their research area and interest. Every research group takes an active participation in all the research activities inside and outside of the university to enhance the quality of research in all spheres. To lead the Research effectively and in an organized way, every research group is assigned with a Research Group Head.The Department of CSE welcomes innovative research in all spheres of technologies. It encourages faculty and scholars to participate in active research and collaborating with other premier institutes and societies all over the world for better research outcomes. The research in the department is not limited to the boundaries of the department of computer science alone, but also an interdisciplinary research is encouraged solving the problems related to other engineering disciplines as well. The department strongly encourages faculty and students to publish patents. A patent is a new way of doing something or that offers a new technical solution to a problem. The faculty of CSE is actively involved in publishing patents in different domains of research. Department has published a good number of patents over past few years and some of the patents have been granted as well.

Student Centric Research Approaches

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering encourages students to engage in industry and academic based research projects at the undergraduate, post graduate and the doctoral levels.

Research Specializations

Department of Computer Science and Engineering considers a wide range of specializations to ater to the student’s diversified research interests. Click here for the complete list of research specializations the department offers.

Areas of Specializations

Objectives of the Academic research programs offered by the department of Computer Science Engineering.

1.To offer research programs in the specializations that include

  • Computer Networks and security

  • Software Engineering

  • Knowledge Engineering

  • High Performance Computing

  • Cloud Computing

  • Network Security and Digital forensics

  • Soft Computing

2.To conduct research in the emerging areas that include

  • Wireless Sensor Networks

  • Wireless Channel Simulation

  • Wireless Network Resource Optimizers

  • Remote sensors

  • Quantum Key Cryptography

  • Performance analysis of network resources

  • Encryption & Broadcasting

  • Secured systems and attack patterns

  • Multicast data transfer in Mobile networks

  • Cryptography conventions

  • Adaption of Cleanroom software engineering to different classes of applications

  • Extreme programming

  • Aspect oriented programming

  • Distributed Data Mining

  • Cognitive Data Mining

  • Spatial temporal data mining

  • Cognition built knowledge discovery

  • Word sense extraction

  • Spatial temporal data mining

  • High Performance Computing

  • Virtual computing