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We at College of Law, K L University believe in a blend of theoretical and practical knowledge. Thus we impart the latter aspect by encouraging and training our students for national and international level moot court. Moot court is a co curricular activity through which the student learns the art of law practice. Legal education through class room learning and moot court participation stimulates the learning zeal of students. Unless the students are fully equipped with the practical knowledge of law, real life situations of legal arena cannot be entangled by them. Thus, through an extensive moot court training classes and practical examinations alongside national moot court completion conducted by the college prepares the student well in advance for practice in law.

The Moot Court Sessions assist the students of the college to develop their faculties of rational thinking, articulation, presentation of arguments and moreover, strives to inculcate in each of the student, the spirit of professionalism, leadership and a strong desire to acquire legal knowledge.

The activity consists of various stages from understanding the moot problem to thoroughly analysing the same by segregation of facts. The student then indulges into intensive research and arrives at point of conflict or legal issues. Drafting becomes another integral part of moot court training; it encourages students to prepare legal documents for presentation in their competition. All such activities are well taught by our expert faculty members having experience from participation to judging various moot court completions.

The College of Law, K L University conducts its own National level Moot court Completion every year.