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Each faculty member is assigned a group of 20 students. They will continuously monitor the student’s performance in academic and other activities. This will be more helpful in encouraging the students and to boost their skills by SWOT analysis there by giving counselling and suggestions.

Faculty counsellor records various important elements such as attendance, internal marks, back logs, CGPA, performance during the placement sessions etc and counsels the students and also takes corrective actions wherever necessary. The counsellor counsels the students from the point of view of discipline, attendance, academic weakness, skill development, placement, professional participation, extension, development, etc. The counsellor maintains most important data of the students in a counselling book and also enters the most important suggestions given to the students. The counselling book is reviewed once in 2 weeks by HOD and once in a month by the Principal.

The department has multiple committees which are to communicate, to analyze and to solve the difficulties of both Students and faculty, one of them being Student Counselling Committee

Participation of the teachers includes academic and personal counselling. The faculty of the department involves in career based and psychology based counselling and also tracks the performance of the students in relations to the placements.

Every counselling session is recorded in a counselling record which consists of weekly attendance, internal marks, back log subjects (if any), CGPA, SGPA, etc. If no improvement is noticed even after counselling and after taking corrective action, the counsellor shall bring the same to the notice of HOD and the parents of such students. The counselling record is reviewed by the HOD and the Principal periodically. Faculty counsellors give personalized care and attention to students and motivate them to perform well in their studies.