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National Service Scheme

National Service Scheme is a flagship program of Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Government of India, popularly known as NSS. It aims at development of student’s personality through indulging them into community service. Students learn a sense of social responsibility at the desired time. Along with academic development, through programmes like NSS we encourage our students to understand the significance of various affairs such as Women Empowerment, Environment Enrichment, Anti-Drug Campaign, Energy Conservation Programme ,Anti-Ragging Programme ,First-aid Training Programme ,Skill Development Campaign ,Traffic Awareness Programme, Water conservation Programme ,Voter Awareness Programme Environment, etc.

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“One man practicing sportsmanship is far better than 50 preaching it.”– Knute Rockne

With adequate infrastructure and facilities, we encourage our students to participate in sports activities of their interest. We believe by counselling students towards sports we will be able to teach them team spirit, cooperation and leadership qualities. Internally once in a week the college conducts sports program. However, intra college sports events are conducted on regular basis and students are free to participate. KLEF College of Law celebrates sports day with the cooperation of the Department of Hobby Clubs. Students of College of Law have been actively participating in different indoor and outdoor games under the supervision of faculty members of Law and staff members of Hobby Clubs Department. Students were greatly encouraged by these event.