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S.No Name of the Faculty Patent Title Patent No. Publication Date Country Status
1. Dr. Imran Ali Analysis of machine learning based spectral methods for partial differential equations 202341042525 18-08-2023 India Published
2. Dr. V.S. Bhagavan A statistical method for parkinson’s disease prognosis using clinical data 202341069381 24-11-2023 India Published
3.1 Dr. G. Suresh Kumar Homotopy analysis method for the solution of q-fractional differential equations 202341068952 24-11-2023 India Published
4.2 Dr. S. Mohdmmad Ibrahim Jeffrey nanofluids for enhanced heat transfer with radiation 202341056708 A 08-09-2023 India Published
5.3 Dr. S. Mohdmmad Ibrahim Influence of thermophoresis and brownian motion of nanoparticles on radiative chemically-reacting mhd hiemenz flow over a nonlinear stretching sheet with heat generation 202341047864 A 01-09-2023 India Published
6.1 Dr K Rajyalakshmi A Novel Method for Prediction of diabetes using support vector machine learning 202141040434A 10-09-2021 India Published
7. Dr. Ankita Tiwari Implementation of techniques for solving differential equations using machine learning algorithms 202341022918 A 05-05-2023 India Published
8. Dr. Ankita Tiwari Implementation and analysis of fractional derivative based weighted skipConnections for satellite image road segmentation 202341035282 A 01/09/2023 India Published
9. Dr. T. Srinivasa Rao Process Of Plastic waste for Products of Building Materials with Plastic Extrusion Method. 202141030254 06-07-2021 India Published
11.2 Dr. S V Subrahmanyam Fluid Dynamic Melted Aluminium Refinement in A Designed Furnace Through A Mathematical Model 202241041907 21/07/2022 India Published
12. Dr. W. Sridhar An IOT System Designed to Monitor the Condition of Solar Photovoltaic Power Conditioning Units 202141030643 16-07-2021 India Published
13.3 Dr. W. Sridhar Inclination Effect on Unsteady MHD Casson Fluid Flow along with a Vertical Surface Porous Medium by Various Parameters 202141028403 24-06-2021 India Published
14.4 Dr. N. Vijaya Buoyancy effects on MHD chemically reacting and radiating Casson fluid past a permeable stretching sheet in a porous medium 202141022953 11-06-2021 India Published
15.5 Dr. G. Venkata Ramana Reddy A Novel Data Security System using Hybrid Cloud Computing 202141022963 11-06-2021 India Published
16.6 Dr K Rajyalakshmi A Smart Device for Maintain greenhouse Controlling environment parameters 2021102000 19-05-2021 Australia Published
17.7 Dr. G. Suresh Kumar Neural-Network Based Method for Data Partitioning andParameter Learning Using Fuzzy Term Identification 202041029533 31-07-2020 India Published
18.8 Dr. G. Suresh Kumar Method for Effective Customer Engagement using MultilayeredFeed Forward Neural Network and Fuzzy Logic 202041015034 22-05-2020 India Published
19. Dr. Ankita Tiwari IoT based agriculture robot for sprying pesticides 379268-001 14-02-2023 INDIA Design
20. Dr. Ankita Tiwari Machine learning based humanoid device for object identification 382688-001 31-03-2023 INDIA Design
21. Dr. Ankita Tiwari Based wearable health monitoring device 379720-001 20-02-2023 INDIA Design
22. Dr. Ankita Tiwari Smart iot and artificial intelligence based anti-theft multipurpose lock 396554-001 04-10-2023 INDIA Design
23. Dr. V S Bhagavan Artificial Intelligence based Horoscopic Analyzer 357812-001 15-04-2022 India Design
24. Dr. V S Bhagavan Artificial Neural Network Based Machine Learning intrusion Detection in Wireless Network Using Feature selection-Please Enter 202011042929 23-10-2020 India Design
25. Dr. V S Bhagavan Method involved in calculation of domain specific score 202041007097 22-02-2020 India Design
26. Dr. V S Bhagavan Artificial neural network based production monitoring with optimized tool lifespan system 2021103342 21-07-2021 India Utility
27. Dr. V S Bhagavan Machine learning based system and methods for the detection of cardiac events using image processing 202341025471 05-05-2023 India Utility
28. Dr. T. Eswar Lal System and method for drying grains using waste heat generated form 202241041964 29-07-2022 INDIA Under Examination