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Operational workouts

Operation Workout is an integral part of all the 4 Semesters of the MBA program. The primary emphasis of OW is to enable students in applying classroom concepts to market environment. It primarily prepares our students for Summer Internship Program (SIP), and thereafter for final placement.

OW equips the students to manage stress and uncertain environment of professional life, perfect communication by improving written and oral skills, observe and inculcate leadership, gauge the organizational situation, adopt analytical skills, and brand building. During OW, students are encouraged to go on the field and collect data

Process of Operation Workout

Every weekend, that is on Saturday, by lunch hour, the Faculty need to evolve Operation Workout Exercises [OWEs], individual or collaborative (multi-disciplinary). These OWEs are based on the sessions completed in the weeks’time [Monday to Friday]. Students have to complete these OWEs by Sunday evening, and submit the handwritten reports by Monday. The students have to submit their reports to the concerned Faculty who has given them the OWE.

Number of OW to be done:

Each student must complete at least 8 OWs per semester (only 3 OWs for the current semester)

Reporting of Operation Workout

The Faculty Members submit their OW reports on a specified format to their OW Coordinator by Monday evening. The OW Coordinator consolidates the same and forwards it to the Academic Coordinator by Tuesday evening. The Academic Coordinator evaluates the OW reports and sends the same to Head of the Department by Wednesday evening. The OW Coordinator is totally and completely responsible for the conduct of the process and reporting of OWs.

Each Faculty submits FORMAT 1, separately for all the courses she/he is taking. For example, if a faculty is taking say OB and HRM then he/she should submit in two formats. If the faculty is handling two sections of the same course one format is sufficient.

Evaluation of OWs and Grading

All Faculty members have to complete and submit their OW reports to the OW coordinator on a weekly basis. Once OW Report for the week is submitted to the Academic Coordinator by the OW Coordinator, it will be sent to the Academic Coordinator for Grading. The total grade points will be 4, i.e., 1 grade point is allotted for each faculty member on the following parameters:

  1. Coverage
  2. Quality
  3. Relevance
  4. Collaboration.

Coverage - The OW Coordinator has to ensure that each student does OWEs covering all the subjects either individually or collaboratively every week with groups of not more than 4 students maximum. Here the evaluation is in terms of number of OW exercises the faculty could complete in a week. For example, if the faculty does 3 OW exercises in a week involving 4 students each, then there would be 12 students as coverage. The faculty will receive pro-rata points for coverage less than the target.

Quality - What is the rigor of the exercise?

Relevance - Is the OW topic within the course covered?

Collaborative - Here aspects relating to inter-disciplinary topics are evolved

Submission of Students’ Hand-written Reports:

It is mandatory on the part of Faculty to ensure that the students submit hand-written reports of weekly OW exercises done. These hand-written reports [not more than 2-3 pages] have to be duly filed for at-least 3 months-period, for timely checks by OW Coordinator and Academic Coordinator. In this context, the Faculty and the Centre OW Coordinator have to provide the needful guidance in the development and betterment of the English writing skills and reporting skills of our students.


The role of the HOD is crucial and critical, in determining and providing the needful direction to the whole process and reporting of Operation Workout.

The responsibilities include

  • Setting standards and policy guidelines from time to time
  • Providing directives depending on feedback
  • Guiding the process & reporting of OWs.
  • Recognizing the achievers & determining the incentive components.


The Academic Coordinator is concerned with

  • Briefing the HOD of the status of OWs.
  • Channeling the HOD’s directives down the line
  • Providing inputs to OW Coordinator and the Faculty Members as required
  • Monitoring the conduct of OWs
  • Evaluating OWs
  • Establishing corporate interface through OWs.
  • Preparing Executive Summary for OWs every month for submission to HOD.
  • Providing inputs to HOD, to facilitate the performance appraisal of Faculty from time to time
  • Ensuring that the rationale and purpose of OWS


The onus of success or failure of OW depends primarily on the OW Coordinator, who is concerned with

  • Achieving team-work, and ensuring that the Faculty evolve OW exercises [ with greater emphasis on collaborative exercises] on Friday of every week, and the students complete the same, and submit hand-written reports to faculty by Monday.
  • Checking the students’ hand-written reports for content clarity, and accuracy of reporting
  • Interacting with students to know and clarify their doubts, and counsel them of the process of OWs.


The Faculty is the pioneer in evolving, supervising, maintaining record, and in providing feedback on OWs. They have to work as a team, by taking the needful guidance from the OW Coordinator, and move towards achieving more and more of collaborative OW exercises.

PPT [PowerPoint Presentation

PPTs are integral to the process of Operation Workout, for they provide an avenue to perfect the speaking skills and presentation skills of students. The Faculty has to guide the students in preparing and presentation of PPTs.