Office of International Relations

The Office of International Relations at KL University is committed to improving the academic image, educational standards and fostering cross-cultural relations. KL University also appreciates the fact that the India is not be considered at par with the advanced nations especially in terms of research output and Higher Education.

KLEF has been constantly working in this direction and has been able to establish nearly 25 Memorandums of Understandings with fairly well known universities abroad in the last five years. With these MoUs, it is now possible for students of KLEF to derive many benefits such as spending short duration internships abroad, participation in Twinning Programs with these institutions to acquire Double Degrees and also enroll in Ph.D. programs at these Universities. It provides an opportunity for KLEF faculty to utilize many benefits through establishing contacts with well-known faculty at these institutions to improve academic competence through joint research publications and by conducting/participating in international workshops and conferences. .


• To promote academic programs and to facilitate exchange programs through networking with well known universities and institutions abroad covering a wide range of countries to get acquainted with different work cultures, research capabilities and systems.

• To assist the Admissions Office in their endeavor to promote KLEF in various developing countries for admitting their students at KLEF (both foreign and NRI). Post admissions, IRO takes the responsibility to look after the international students needs including housing, food, academic progress & performance, health, travel, VISA permits and other related matters.

• To plan for UG & PG Twinning programs (partly at KL University and the rest of the period at the partner universities) by providing suitable scholarships and guidance to the students to make their stay abroad as economical as possible and enabling them to acquire degrees from both the universities.

• To introduce SAP (Semester Abroad Program) for KLEF students to go abroad to carry out their project works/internships at partner universities (with possible special assistance from the partner universities) as part of their course work for submission here.

• Exchange of faculty for short duration under specific programs to strengthen the teaching and research quality as well as publications. Organize periodical workshops, seminars and international conferences with the assistance of foreign experts, which are relevant and mutually beneficial to both the universities

• To extend assistance & hospitality to the visiting faculty from abroad and to attend to their needs and make their stay comfortable and enjoyable

• The IR staff along with the IR Representatives from each department/section is also involved in periodical meetings to monitor the internationalization process of their respective divisions to gauge the effectiveness and make necessary changes for improvement. This internalization of internationalization serves as a strong indicator of success of the whole venture

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