Post Graduate Programs

Post Graduate Programs

List of Programs Offered in 2023-24 Academic Year


  M. Tech Programs Offered by
1  BioTechnology  Bio Tech Department
2  Structural Engineering  Civil Engg. Department
3 Construction Technology
and Management
Civil Engg. Department
4 Geotechnical Engineering Civil Engg. Department
5 Computer Science & Engineering CSE Department
6 Cyber Security & Digital Forensics-CSE CSE Department
7 Artificial Intellegence & Data Science  CSE Department
8 Radar Communication ECE Department
9 Automation  and  Robotics  ECE and Mech. Engg Departments
10 Internet of Things  ECE department
11 VLSI ECE department
12 Power Systems EEE Department
13 Power Electronics and Drives EEE Department
14 Thermal Engineering  Mechanical Engineering Department
15 Machine Design Mechanical Engineering Department
BBA. MBA Programs  
1 Bachelor of Business Administration KLBS Vijayawada
2 Master of Business Administration KLBS Vijayawada
B Arch  
1  B.Architecture Architectire Dept
Phamaracy Programs  
1  B. Pharmacy Pharmacy College
2  Master of Pharmacy Management Pharmacy College
3 Pharm D Pharmacy College
  Design Programs  
  Bachelor of Design Design Dept. 
   Law Programs  
1 BBA- LLB College of Law
2 LLB College of Law
3 LLM College of Law
  Arts, Science / Humanities/Commerce Programs  
1  M.Sc(Applied Maths) Mathematics Dept
2 M.Sc (Physics) Physics Dept
3  M.Sc (Chemistry) Chemistry Dept
4  M.Sc(F&C)  
5 M.A (ENG) English Department
6 M.Sc Computer Science  Computer Science Dept
7 MCA Computer Applications dept. 
8 M.Com Commerce Dept.
9 MBA Fintech MBA Dept.
10 MBA - Public Policy MBA Dept.
11 MBA - Public Policy & Management MBA Dept.
  Agriculture Sciences Program  
1 Ag.B.Sc Agricultre Sciences Dept. 


1 B. Tech  
1 Electronics & Communications Engineering ECE Dept.
2 Computer Science & Engineering CSE Dept.
3 Artificial Intelligence and Data Science AI&DS Dept.
1 MBA KLBS Hyderabad
2 BBA KLBS Hyderabad
  Arts & Science & COMMERCE:(UG & PG)  
1 B.Com.(Hons.)  Commerce Dept.
2 B.A Arts Dept
3 BCA Computer Apllications Dept.
5 M.A English Department
6 M.Com.  Commerce Dept.