K L E F - Department of Physics Welcomes You!

      Physics is a branch of applied science that emphasizes both engineering and physics. It is a challenging general alternative to the traditionally more specialized undergraduate engineering curricula, offering flexible options for professional growth. The physics curriculum with branch specific course is designed to provide a firm foundation of basic scientific principles, as well as the theoretical knowledge and skills required for specific engineering applications. The curriculum is equally suitable for students intending to pursue careers in industrial research and development, and for those preparing for graduate studies in a variety of scientific and technical areas.

    1. PO1 Ability to understand the scope and principle of Physics.
    2. PO2 Ability to solve the problems by applying physics principles
    3. PO3 Ability to perform and analyze the experiments in Physics
    4. PO4 Ability to acquire knowledge in physics for the requirement of academics and research institutes.
    5. PO5 Ability to come up with better ideas to transform the lives and society through learning
    6. PO6 Ability to motivate towards research and development activities
    7. PO7 Ability to develop skills and knowledge which are needed to compete the world
Program Specific Outcomes
    1. Understand the basic and advance concepts of different branches of physics
    2. Perform and design experiments in the areas of electronics, atomic, nuclear, condensed matter, and computational physics.
    3. Apply the concepts of physics in specialized areas of condensed, nuclear, renewable energies etc., in industry, academia and research and day today life.