Ph.D’s Awarded in the Department

S.No Name of the Scholar ID Number Name of the Supervisor (s) Title of the Thesis Year of Registration Year of Completion Type
1 NSMP LATHA DEVI 10322003 Dr.K.S.Ramesh Studies on important ionosphere parameters and irregularities during quiet and magnetically disturbed times using ground and advanced satellite based remote sensing techniques 2010 2014 Part Time
2 MAHAMUDA SHAIK 10322004 Dr.A.Srinivasa Rao Spectroscopic studies and lasing potentialities of neodymium, praseodymium , holmium ions doped zinc alumino bismuth borate and dysprosium, samarium ions doped oxy fluoroborate glasses 2010 2015 Full Time
3 KONERU SWAPNA 10322002 Dr.A Srinivasa Rao Absorption and emission characteristics of Dy3+, Sm3+, Eu3+, Tb3+ and Er3+ ions doped zinc alumino bismuth borate glasses 2010 2015 Full Time
4 G. ANIL KUMAR 12322005 K.Vijay Kumar Global studies of earth s lower atmosphere dynamics and their impacts on upper atmosphere and important atmospheric indices using cosmic radio occultation ro technique 2011 2015 Part Time
5 M. VENKATESWARLU 10322005 Dr.A. Srinivasa Rao Luminescent characterization of certain rare earth ions Pr3+, Nd3+,Ho3+ and Tm3+ doped lead tungsten tellurite glasses 2010 2016 Part Time
6 SK.SHAHENOOR BASHA 13322003 Dr.K Vijay Kumar, Dr.G Sunita Sundari Preparation characterization and electrochemical studies of pvp based ion conducting polymer electrolytes for solid state battery application 2012 2017 Part Time
7 CH.B.ANNAPURNA DEVI 12322003 Dr.A.Srinivasa Rao Photoluminescence properties of d3+, eu3+, pr3+ and sm3+ ions doped single and mixed alkali fluoro tungsten tellurite glasses 2012 2018 Part Time
8 NARASIMHA RAO 12322002 Dr.K.Vijay Kumar Development and characterization of nano filler doped - pan based gel polymer electrolytes for electrochemical cell applications 2011 2019 Part Time
9 K SUNIL BABU 13322013 Dr.A.Venkateswara Rao Synthesis and characterization, phase transition and optical studies of some 60.0 liquid crystalline compounds 2014 2019 Part Time
10 KALIDINDI V S N RAJU 13322014 Dr.Sk.babu Image dynamics and dielectric studies of nematogens with bio and nano particles 2014 2020 Part Time
11 K GOVINDA RAO 14322006 Dr.Sk.babu Study of molecular interactions in liquid mixtures of amides and amines at different temperatures 2014 2020 Part Time
12 T KALIMULLA 14322010 Dr.Sk.babu Thermoacoustic and spectroscopic studies on certain liquid mixtures at different temperatures 2014 2020 Part Time
13 A NAGARJUNA 163220001 Dr.Sk.babu Studies on intermolecular interactions on certain benzoaite mixture 2016 2020 Part Time
14 J RAMESH BABU 12322004 Dr.K.Vijay Kumar Preparation and characterization of nano solid polymer electrolyte films and their adoptability in electro chemical cell applications 2012 2020 Part Time
15 K KAMAKSHI 14322003 Dr.G.Sunita Sundari Photocatalytic activity of Ni2+ and CO2+ doped magetitte decorated on carbonaceous materials towards degradation of methylene blue 2014 2020 Part Time
16 P.SUNEETA 13322007 Dr. Ch. Rajesh Synthesis and characterization of rare earth and transition metal doped cawo4 nanocrystals for light emitting applications 2013 2021 Part Time
17 R.AJAY KUMAR 15322006 Dr. Ch. Rajesh Characterization of nanocrystals for light emitting applications 2015 2021 Part Time
18 RUPESH AMRUT TALEWAR 173220002 Dr.SK. Mahamuda Synthesis and characterization of phosphors for the improvement of solar cell performance 2017 2021 Full Time
19 P REKHA RANI 163220003 Dr. M.Venkateswarlu Comprehensive investigations on luminescence properties of rare earth ions doped BAPBALFB glasses for photonic applications 2016 2021 Full Time
20 MD.PARVEZ AHMAD 14322009 Dr.A.Venkateswara Rao Influence of particle size, hydrogen annealing and carbon doping on the dielectric properties of zinc oxide at low temperatures 2014 2022 Part Time
21 KASU SIVA RAMA KRISHNAKRISHNA REDDY 163220007 Dr. K. Swapna Spectroscopic investigations on alkaline-earth boro tellurite glasses doped with Dy3+, Sm3+, Nd3+ and Er3+ ions 2017 2022 Full Time
22 P.SAILAJA 163220013 Dr. Sk. Mahamuda Spectroscopic studies of Dy3+, Sm3+, Er3+ and Nd3+ ions activated oxy chloro boro tellurite glasses for visible, NIR laser and optical fiber applications 2017 2022 Part Time
23 Y. ANANTHA LAKSHMI 163220004 Dr. K. Swapna Spectroscopic studies of Er3+, Dy3+ and Sm3+ ions doped Bismuth Boro-tellurite glasses for Photonic Device Applications 2016 2022 Part Time
24 P SURENDRA REDDY 14322013 Dr.G.Kiran Kumar Comprehensive Studies of Wind Load Effects on Solar Panels and Panels Shape Optimization 2014 2023 Part Time
25 NANDOORU ABHIRAM 173220010 Dr. N.S.M.P. Latha Devi Synthesis of Photosensitive Metal Chalcogenide nanostructures and nanocomposites for Effective Photodectective Applications 2018 2023 Full Time
26 HEMA CHANDRA RAO BITRA 14322008 Dr.A.Venkateswara Rao Low Temperature Dielectric Study of Carbon and Manganese doped copper oxide 2014 2023 Part Time
27 M. CHANDRIKA 163220009 Dr.A.Ravindra Potato Starch Assisted Synthesis and characterization of Nano-Ferrites and their nano composites for effective decolorization of methyleneblue 2016 2024 Full Time
28 KURAPATI SRAVANTHI 163220008 Dr G Sunita Sundari Preparation of polymer electrolytes for EDLC Super capacitor Application 2016 2024 Full Time