Sponsored Projects


S.NoName of the PI/Co-PIDate of StartFunding AgencyTitle of the ProjectAmt Req.
(In Lakhs)
Reference NumberStatus
1Dr. N.S.M.P. Latha DeviDec,2018DST-FISTTo Augment teaching and Research Facilities112.000SR/FST/PS-I/2018/35Ongoing
2Dr. G. Sunita Sundari Dr. E. Hari Krishna (Co-PI)Dec,2018UGC - DAE Development of Ion Conducting Polymer Electrolyte using Thin film Nano Crystalline Composites for the Application towards Batteries7.390CSR-KN/CRS-120/2018-19/1058Ongoing
3Ms.Swapna KoneruSep,2011DST-WOS-AAbsorption and emission characteristics of earth doped glasses for efficient lasers21.700SR/WOS-A/PS-35/2011(G)Completed
4Mrs.Sk.MahamudaFeb,2012DST-WOS-ASpectral Studies of Neodymium doped glass and glass ceramics for efficient laser action14.980SR/WOS-A/PS-53/2011( G)Completed
5Mrs.N.Krishna Jyothi Dr.K.Vijay KumarNov,2012DST-WOS-ADevelopment and Characterization of Nano-structured conducting polymer electrolyte system for electrochemical cell applications23.800SR/WOS-A/PS-52/2011(G)Completed
6Dr.B.Mahendran Dr.K. Vijaya KumarJune,2013DBTTargeted Delivery of Nanoparticle to Enhance DR5-DDX3 Mediated Apoptosis in Tumour Environment42.950BT/PR6743/NNT/28/614/2012Completed