Student Activities

Seminars and Workshops: Organizing seminars/symposia and workshops on various topics related to the field of study for career development.

Guest Lectures: Inviting national or international experts from industry or academia or research organizations to deliver lectures on relevant subjects.

Research Conferences: Organizing research symposia or conferences where students can present their research findings and network with peers and professionals.

Internship and Training Programs: Facilitate internship and training programs in collaboration with industry partners to provide students with practical experience and industry exposure.

Competitions: Conducting competitions such as quizzes, essay writing, poster presentations, and project competitions to encourage student participation and enhance their skills.

Career Guidance Programs: Conducting career guidance programs, mock interviews, and resume writing workshops to help students prepare for their future careers.

Debates and Discussions: Conducting debates and discussions on current issues or academic topics.

Field Trips: Organizing educational trips to industries, research centers, or historical sites related to the field of study.

Cultural Events: Organizing cultural events like music, dance, drama, and art competitions to promote cultural diversity and creativity.

Sports Events: Arranging sports events like cricket, football, basketball, or indoor games to promote physical fitness and team spirit among students.

Community Service: Organizing community service activities like blood donation camps, cleanliness drives, and awareness campaigns to instill a sense of social responsibility among students.

Student Clubs and Societies: Encouraging students for the formation of clubs and societies based on common interests or academic disciplines to promote extracurricular activities and leadership skills.

Career Fairs: Organizing career fairs where students can interact with potential employers and explore job opportunities.

Alumni Interaction: Arranging interactions with alumni who can share their academic and research experiences and provide guidance to current students.

Health and Wellness Programs: Conducting health and wellness programs like yoga sessions, health camps, and stress management workshops to promote overall well-being among students.

Environmental and Sustainability Initiatives: Promoting Projects and events focused on environmental awareness and sustainability on campus.

Student Activities

Student Clubs

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