About Department of Physics

The Department of Physics was established in 1980. The Department offers B.Tech Programs under Choice Based Credit System besides M.Sc. and M.Tech programs. It offers M.Phil. and Ph.D. Research Programs in Physics. The department of Physics was established in 1980. The department caters the needs of B.Tech program under choice based credit system besides M.Sc programs. It also offers M.Phil and Ph.D research programs in Physics. Department of Physics is functioning with 12 budding faculty, out of which 11 are doctorates. Research work in the department is being carried out in various fields like Nanotechnology, Material science, Atmospheric Science and Theoretical & Computational Physics. As per the research interests, the faculty members are divided into two groups, and these groups are functioning with names Center for Emerging Materials (CEM) and Center for Nanotechnology (CNT). Department of Physics had 3 fully equipped Research Labs of worth 01 crore. The department also has good number of sponsored research projects of worth 2.71 Crores. Among the several Research projects, three have sanctioned by the DST under woman scientist scheme (WOS-A) and successfully completed with good number of publications. Four faculty members of our department got major research projects of worth 1.67 crores sanctioned by DST under Young scientist scheme and Early career research award. Faculty members of our department have published more than 100 research papers in highly reputed international journals in a span of 6 years.

Highlights of Department

  • All experienced doctoral faculty with interdisciplinary areas of research interest
  • International teaching standards and classes by foreign faculty
  • Conducting placement training for PG students, industry connect
  • Placements and merit scholarship assistance up to 100%
  • DST-FIST (Level-1) Sponsored department
  • International standard research labs
  • Research Publications in High impact factor journals
  • Intellectual Property Rights - Patents
  • Three ongoing sponsored projects of worth 1.6 Cr and 13 projects completed
  • Conducting various national/international conferences/workshops/seminars
  • Faculty & Students Participation in Societal and Extension Activities
  • Implementing innovative and new pedagogy learning methods
  • Updated curriculum as per the recommendations of the Academics, Research, and industry experts


Department Vision To conquer new heights in academics and research with global perspective that will provide solutions to environmental, industrial and agricultural problems.


  • To provide a quality education in pursuit of knowledge, that establishes a strong foundation for understanding developments in the rapidly advancing field of physics.
  • To develop new technologies through research and education.
  • To develop a top-notch research centre with State-of-the art infrastructure facilities to foster scientific research and technology development programs.
  • Number of Ph.Ds Produced 7 & Thesis submitted 1
  • No. of Ph.D scholars : 41
  • Established Research Laboratories with 1 crore worth equipment
  • Three Sponsored research projects - 60.5 Lakh - DST (WOS-A) - Completed
  • Four interdisciplinary sponsored research projects – 1.6 Crore - DST(ECRA & YS)
  • Sanctioned One sponsored research project - 49.17 Lakhs – DST(ECRA)
  • Submitted DST – FIST level 1 project & 6 proposals – 4.6 Crores
  • 186 indexed journal Research publications in last SIX years
  • Organized INSPIRE CAMP 2016, sponsored by DST during 18th to 22nd Oct 2016
  • One of our faculty Dr. N. Krishna Jyothi participated in National Women Parliament as Facilitator which was conducted by Andhra Pradesh Government during 10th to 12th, February 2017 at Pavitra Sangamam.
  • Organized two day National Conference on Current Developments in Functional Materials and their Applications (NCDFMA-2017) during 22nd to 23rd Dec 2017
  • Conducted National Science Day on 28th Feb 2018 in view of 90th anniversary of the discovery of RAMAN EFFECT by Bharat Ratna and India’s first Science Nobel Laureate Sir C.V. Raman