Research Areas

Research Interests-Thrust Areas
Sno Research Interests-Thrust Areas
1 Synthesis of Nanomaterials
2 Characterization of Nanomaterials
3 Nanostructured Materials for Energy Devices
4 Thin Films and Nanomaterials
5 Atomospheric Science
CNT group members focused on the following Areas
S.No. Research Areas 
1 Nanostructured Materials for energy storage devices
2 Thin Film synthesis for photovoltaic cells
3 Solid state Ionics and Electrolytes for Energy Storage device applications.
4 Nano Structured Conducting Polymers.
5 Atomospheric Science
6 Synthesis of Nanomaterials: Nano ferrites, Nano-Polymers, Nano-Phosphors
CEM group members focused on the following Areas
1 Thermal analysis and Chemical thermodynamics-Ultrasonics
2 Glasses: Bioactive Glasses, Nuclear Waste Glasses, Metallic Glasses
2 Synthesis of Polymers & Ceramic materials
3 MEMS, Liquid Crystals
4 Hybrid Materials and Opto-electronic materials
5 Inospheric Studies