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Mechanical Engineering at KL

There are endless possibilities that a Mechanical Engineer perceives while providing solutions that are an amalgamation of Mathematics and Physics which foster self-growth and the development of a nation.

Why study with us?

The study at KL has proven to bring out great engineers in the field of Mechanical Engineering. We push the boundaries of classroom learning with equally well-equipped laboratories were students pursuing the course can indulge in hands-on experience and learn better. The department focuses on advanced technologies in modern engineering which keep the students updated with the real-world scenarios.

Hall Marks

Department of Mechanical Engineering, was established along with the institution in the academic year 1980-81, and has grown along with the institution, as on date the department has the following hall marks

  • 121 faculty of which 45 are faculty with Ph.D. and remaining all are pursuing their Ph.D.
  • 12 State of the Art Laboratories
  • 6 Industry established centres and Centres of Excellence
  • Industry connect curriculum, with greater emphasis on practical skills and hands on experience
  • 10 sets of skilling in coding tools, software packages and industry required modules, designed and delivered by industry directly
  • APSSDC established centre in 3D experience
  • 650 publications in internationally reputed journals by faculty and students
  • 100% placements for all eligible and interested students in both Coftware as well as Core Industries, since 2005 to till date
  • 18 Start-ups have been launched by students of which 8 have become full-fledged companies and remaining are in incubation state.
  • Annually over 45-50 students are securing national ranks in GATE
  • Annually over 120+ students obtain higher education in Germany/ UK/ Canada/ UK and Japan, through GRE/ TOEFL/ IELTS scores
  • Embedding research and innovation skills in students through their involvement in faculty research, leading to publications in reputed and indexed journals
  • 25 Patents filed, 12 Patents Published and 5 Patents Granted by IPR- Govt. of India, by faculty and students of the department
  • Annual championships by students in SAE/ ISIE/ ASME events like Go Kart, HPVC, HVC, CoC, BAJA, SUPRA etc.
  • SAE, ISIE, ISHRAE Professional Society students and faculty clubs.
  • Technical and Non Technical Hobby clubs for students and faculty.
  • Central Fab-Lab with cutting edge fabrication and product design facilities.

Lab Equipments