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Student Association-MESA:

The Mechanical Engineering Student Association (MESA) actively encourages students to organize several Technical and Non-Technical events in the department which in turn supports the stewardship in every student of the department. MESA is a platform for students to connect across the streams of major engineering areas, gain exposure, and develop social contacts and the spirit of fellow-feeling among the students with a memorable student life in the department.

Objectives of MESA:

  • To conduct events within the Department throughpre-structured groups for better performances and outcomes.
  • To provide updated information and announcements through MESA portal.
  • To form new groups every consecutive semester based on the student’s interest.
  • To promote competitive spirit in students to participate in external competitions.


Eleven Non-technical and Seven Technical student activity Clubs are formed to nurture the student thought process, skills, and hobbies and groom them accordingly. All the cultural events of the department are being planned and organised by MESA.

List of Departmental HOBBY CLUBS :

S.No.  Non- Technical Club  S.No.  Technical 
App Development  Designer  
Cultural   Automobile  
Content writing   Project development  
Social Entrepreneurship   Prototype Development 
Photography   Robotic 
Music   Aero Modeling 
Adventure   Autonomous vehicles  
Health and wellness      
10  Event Management     
11  Short Film making      


SAE Club::

SAE Club offers its members to organize programs, activities, fellowships and leadership experience. Members will have an exposure to valuable resources in mobility technology through guest lectures, seminars, and symposiums etc., regarding autonomous vehicles, E-Vehicles, Engine Technology and Aerospace application.


ASME Club enables collaboration; knowledge sharing, career enrichment, and skills development across all engineering disciplines, towards a goal of helping the global engineering community to discussand develop the solutions to uplift the quality of living.

Innovation Club:

The essence of Innovation Centre is to motivate, inspire and nurture young students/Engineers by exposing them to new ideas/societal problems and processes resulting in innovative and economic solutions. In K L E F Mechanical Innovation Centre, the experts will incubate the ideas of the studentsto start-up companies.

E- Vehicle club:

The main activities related to development of Electrical powered vehicles with innovative features established to improve the efficiencies, provided with interactive features, atomization and improving the charging capacities of the electrical category vehicles.


“Team Gavisti” working on an E-bike to compete various team from different universities hosted by I2I society and AMT motor corporation.

Notes: Team registrations will be open during last week of January to 25 Students with different disciplines

Go Kart club:

As one of the best variant of motor sports, go kart has several disciplines to develop the vehicle and run on the track.


“Sangfroid V5.0” building a Go-Kart with innovative technology to compete with several team from various universities hosted by ISNEE (GKDC) in Buddha international circuit New Delhi.

Notes: Team registrations will be open during last week of January to 25 Students with different disciplines.

Formula Vehicle Club:

KLEF-ME are developing student formulae vehicle every year, which could compete in several events under Electrical, Hybrid, Autonomous and Solar vehicles categories hosted by SAE, ISIE, ASME and FAB head automation limited. Automobile aspirants from different disciplines can also participate incorporating the idea of latest technologies.


“Team Garuda” - SUPRA 2020 (SAE) “Kriento Racing” – Formula Bharath (FAB Head automation).

Note: Team registrations will be open during last week of January to 25 Students with different disciplines.

Off Road Vehicle:

As one of the best variant of motor sports, Different types of off-road ATV’s are designed where all the teams must have high knowledge and exposure on designing, suspension, innovative technology and finally fabricating an off-road vehicle. The dynamic behavior of the vehicle is studies based on the case studies and technical specifications.

Organisation chart of MESA: