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Our faculty is our strength:

The strength of the department of Mechanical Engineering lies in a pool of well qualified and experienced staff. Apart from holding PhD degrees, our staff has rich academic and industry experience. With article publications, patents, and FDP our faculty remain up to date meet the latest demands and the challenges from the industry to equip our students thoroughly to meet the requirements in the job market.Please Click here for List of Faculty

Lectures by International Faculty:

Academicians working abroad visit our department to share their academic expertise and practices as guest faculty. This would enrich the student’s exposure to the best academic practices. Click here for the list of international guest faculty that visited the department.

Awards, Achievements & Recognitions:

Awards, Achievements and recognitions boost the morale of our faculty and in recognition of their commitment and dedication towards their profession; our faculty received several awards, medals and appreciations.Please Click here list of faculty that has received medals and awards.

Faculty Expertise sharing:

Our Faculty share their experiences and Expertise with others in the teaching fraternity Please click here List of faculty acted as resource persons

Faculty Development Programs:

Our faculty share their experiences and expertise with others in the teaching fraternity. Please Click here list of faculty that acted as resource persons and trainers.


Workshops are the places where our faculty demonstrate their abilities and share their expertise while allowing the others to improve their capabilities. Our faculty regularly participates in the workshops for knowledge transfer and acquisition.Please Click here to find the list of faculty that participated in workshops.


Seminars are the places where knowledge transfer and exchange takes place instantly and help the faculty to enhance their teaching abilities.-->Please Click hre listed of faculty that participated in seminars furnished here.


Conferences of national and international importance are the places where networking, counseling, mentoring and knowledge transfer takes place and our faculty regularly refresh their abilities and capabilities here.--> Please Click here to find list of faculty attended conferees.

Student Counselors:

Adolescence is a transition period and majority students that join us at the undergraduate level need guidance, support and mentoring on academic, family, and personal issues to channelize their energies in the right direction. Click here for the student counselors here.

Non-teaching Staff:

Non-teaching staff as lab technicians, librarians, administrators, drivers and office assistants work closely with students in facilitating variety of services. They need recognition and appreciation. Please Click here for list of Non Teaching Staff

Programs for Non Teaching Staff:

Please Click here for list of Programs for Non Teaching Staff

Faculty Orientation Lectures :

Please Click here for list of Faculty Orientation Lectures


Please Click here for list of Counselling