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Centers of Excellence :

The department of Mechanical Engineering is progressing with the latest and modern infrastructure, which is matchless and performing at par with the global leaders in the educational sector. A glimpses of the state of the art infrastructure we have at our disposal would allow the academic and the research fraternity to assess its abilities.

Centre for System dynamics and Condition monitoring

The lab includes state of art systems for Damper testing and Suspension testing, which are presently in use to conduct studies to identify the variation of damping force to be generated by dampers with variation in displacement, as a part DST TSDP project. The lab is setup with funding from DST and KLEF. This laboratory is accessible to all the research scholars and staff members of the University and almost all the equipment is used for outsourcing samples.

Since inception, this lab has produced around 35+ publications in various reputed Scopus/ SCI indexed journals and actively involved in providing consultancy.

S. No. Equipment Cost (inclusive of taxes) in Rs. Supplier*
1. Nano Plug and PlayFatigue Testing Equipment (Includes UTM and Creep test facilities) 47,72,000.00 Biss (ITW,USA)
2. Universal Hardness Testing Machine 2,74,825.00 Measure India- Hyderabad
3. NI C-DAQ (NI 9178 - 8 slot, NI 9234, NI9232, NI 9263) 7,62,000 National Instruments
4. Single station Servo Hydraulic Test system 2,60,57,910 Biss (ITW,USA)
5. Suspension Test rig Biss (ITW,USA)
6. IR camera 13,65,000 FLIR, Sweden T420
7. Vibration Pick Up 4,50,000 SPM
8. Rockwell Cum Brinell Hardness Testing Machine 1,98,000 FIE

Nano Plug and Play


  • Single footprint system
  • 25 kN load capacity
  • ± 25 mm stroke measurement; 0.1 µm resolution
  • Operating frequency up to 65 Hz
  • Virtually noiseless
  • High precision servo-control
  • Rated for indefinite operation


  • Tension/Compression/3-point bend
  • Ductile and brittle fracture
  • Fatigue crack propagation
  • Threshold stress intensity
  • Low/High-cycle fatigue (LCF/HCF)
  • Elastomer properties

Single station Servo Hydraulic Test system (Damper Test Rig)


  • Force rating: 15kN dynamic capacity
  • Actuator stroke: 200 mm
  • Peak velocity: 1.5 m/s
  • Hydraulic power pack : 65 LPM
  • Safety interlocks : Light curtain, pressure sensor
    • Grips : Self-aligning top hydraulic grip and bottom pneumatic grip, Self-aligning automatically operated pneumatic grips and fixtures to hold the test parts
    • Fully automated testing

Suspension / Quarter Poster Test Rig


  • Simulation of road-load data including displacement, strain, velocity, acceleration, load etc
  • Acceleration upto 5g
  • Velocity upto 2m/s.


  • Ride comfort and road handling tests,
  • PSD of road profiles etc.

Major Achievements:

  • Completed Projects: Successfully completed two projects worth ₹3.25 lakhs, sponsored by the Department of Science and Technology (DST) and the Naval Research Board (NRB).
  • Ongoing Project: Currently pursuing a project sponsored by the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), valued at ₹12.5 lakhs.
  • PhD Completions: Supervised the completion of 4 PhDs, with 3 more in progress.
  • Publications: Produced over 35 publications in reputed Scopus and SCI-indexed journals since the lab's inception.
  • Consultancy: Accomplished consultancy works worth more than ₹2 lakhs.