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Student Activities

Automobile Clubs:

The KL Automobile club is a congregation of six vehicle design and development teams, which individually comprise a group of enthusiastic students who own a great passion for automobiles and the real engineering techniques. These teams design and fabricate their own vehicles and take part in several competitions organized by SAE, ASME, ISIE, ISNEE, i2i etc., annually. E-Bike Club: E-bike Challenge is an eco-friendly venture based on Engineering design and manufacturing of Electric bike completely by the students.


Team Gavisti has been participating in these events for the past 2 years and has won Overall championship with a cash prize of 50,000 for the year 2019 in the event organized by AMT Moto Corp. Our team has also won the Best Commercial Bike award for the year 2019 and Best Design, Best Low Cost and Best Captain Awards for the year 2018 in the Asian e-Bike challenge organized by Imagine to Innovate.

Formula Vehicle:

The objective of the club is to design and fabricate combustion, hybrid or an electric vehicle under event design conditions for the students to demonstrate and prove their creativity and their engineering.

Team Vanquishers has been participating in this event for the past 4 years and have won the Best Acceleration Award with a cash prize of ₹10,000, Runner-up in Endurance with a cash prize of ₹10,000 and Award of Recognition for commendable Design of Hybrid Vehicle and good team work for the year 2019 and Best Design Award for the year 2016.

Team Kriento Racing have been participating in these finals of this annual event, which is held at Kari Motor Speedway in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu for the past 3 years where on an average 70 teams participate every year and have been steadily improving our final position.

Human Powered Vehicle:

ASME's international Human Powered Vehicle Challenge (HPVC) provides an opportunity for students to demonstrate the application of sound engineering design principles in the development of sustainable and practical transportation alternatives.

Team Avidhruth has been participating events for the past several years and have been steadily improving their performance in a highly competitive environment.

Go-Kart Vehicle:

The objective of this event is to promote Motorsports as a profession in India, Passion, Creativity, Innovation and practical approach based technical skill in engineering/diploma students.

Team Sangfroid has been participating in this event for the past 3 years and have won the Future Award with a cash prize of ₹50,000 for the years 2018 and 2019 and also the Spirit Award for the year 2019, finished 3rd in Skip Pad test and 6th in Endurance test for the year 2016.

Off-Road Vehicle:

Off-Road Vehicle Club: An all-terrain vehicle (ATV), also known as a quad, three-wheeler, four-track, four-wheeler, or quadricycle is a student level off road quad bike design challenge. ATV is a design challenge where all the participating teams should have high knowledge and exposure on designing and fabricating an ATV.

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