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Student academic and career counseling is a very vital activity which will help the student in the progression effectively. Following are the detailed steps to be followed by all the counselors.

Allotment of Counselor – Guidelines:

  • For every 15 to 20 students, one faculty member shall be allotted.
  • Same faculty counselor shall continue for the earmarked students from 2nd year till the student completes the program and get the B.Tech degree.

Duties of Faculty counselors:

  • Every counselor shall maintain a “counseling book”for each student allotted, and records details of completed Academic performance like SGPA, placement related, events participated (whenever student participate) and any other information comes to the department about that student.
  • Counselor shall interact with all the earmarked students individually as per convenience and completed interaction once in fortnight, i.e., every counselor shall meet every student minimum twice in a month.
  • The details like date of counseling, points on which student was counseled, outcomes of the discussion etc shall be entered in the “counseling book” by the counselor and the signature of the student shall be taken.
  • 4. Counselor shall contact the parent of the student minimum three times in a semester. (As per the need, counselor can call more number of times also). 1st time: After getting the end semester result of the just completed semester giving details like CGPA, backlogs (if any) etc to the notice of the parent. 2nd time: After getting Test-1 marks of the ongoing semester- giving details like performance in Test-1, attendance till that date etc to the notice of the parent. 3rd time: After getting Test-2 marks of the ongoing semester – giving details like performance in Test-2, attendance till that date etc to the notice of the parent. In addition to making a phone call and informing to the parent, counselor shall also >send the above mentioned details through mail and SMS.All these details shall be recorded by the counselor.
  • All counselors ensure that the students allotted progresses effectively.
  • Specific issues (if any) related to the earmarked students, shall be in written taken to the notice of “Department Counseling Committee” for necessary steps.
  • Constitution of “Department Counseling Committee” (DCC):

    Every department shall constitute “Department Counseling Committee (DCC)” with members as follows.

    Chairman of the committee: HOD

    Members 1) Prof. In-charge (Academics)

    2) Prof. In-charge (Student Affairs)

    ) In-charge (Counseling)

    4) Concerned counselor / any other as required by the HOD

    Parents’ meet – wil be conducted Twice in a Semester by the Department to update the parents about activities in department.

    • University And Department achievements
    • Department planned activities
    • Student Pass Percentage
    • Placements and Packages
    • Collaborations and MOUs
    • Innovative teaching and curriculum being implemented
    • Online Teaching and Learning Process
    • Exams and Evaluation Process
    • Feedback Process
    • Certificate Courses
    • Counselling ... etc.

Details of Student Counsellors