Academic Council

Composition of Academic Council
I. Vice-Chancellor 1 Dr. G.P. Saradhi Varma, Vice-Chancellor
II. Pro Vice-Chancellor (Administration) 2 Dr. N. VenkatramPro Vice-Chancellor (Administration)
III. Dean(s) of Faculty –All Deans, Vaddeswaram campus 3 Dean (Academics)-Dr.N.Venkatram
4 Dean (Quality)-Dr.K.Rama Krishna
5 Dean (Faculty & Staff Affairs) - Dr.V. Srikanth
6 Dean (P&D)-Dr.V. Rajesh
7 Dean (Skill Development & Student Progression)-Dr.A. Srinath
8 Dean (MH&S)-Dr.M. Kishore Babu
9 Dean (R&D)-Dr.B.Jaya Kumar Singh
10 Dean (Student Affairs)- Dr.Ch. Hanumantha Rao
11 Dean (International Placements & Internship)-Dr.N.B.V. Prasad
12 Additional Dean (F&SA)- Dr.P.V.Chalapathi
13 Principal, College of Engineering-Dr.T.K.Rama Krishna Rao
14 Principal, KL College of Pharmacy- Dr.G. Chakravarthi
15 Principal, KL College of Architecture- Ar. Venkatesan Selvaraj
16 Principal, College of Sciences-Dr.K.Subrahmanyam
17 Coordinator, FED-Dr.M.S.G. Prasad
18 Director-E-Learning..Sri C. Shanath Kumar
Dean(s)/Principals of Faculty –Off campus Centre, Hyderabad 19 Advisor (Quality) - Prof.K. Koteswara Rao Mobile No.9866968545 E-mail:;;
20 Principal-Engineering- Dr.L. Koteswara Rao,Mobile: 9948796039 E-Mail:;
IV. Heads of the Departments, Vaddeswaram Campus 21 HoD-AI & DS-Dr.Gandharba Swain
22 HoD-BT-Dr.K. Giridhar
23 HoD-Civil Engineering-Mr. K. Hemanth Raja
24 HoD-CSE (Honours)-Sri Hari Kiran Vege
25 HoD-CSE-Dr. T. Pavan Kumar
26 HoD-Computer Engg. & ECM- Dr.P.S.G.Aruna Sri
27 HoD-CS & IT-Dr.K. Amarendra
28 HoD-ECE- Dr.M. Suman
29 HoD-EEE- Dr.A. Pandian
30 HoD-Internet of Things-Dr.Penke Satyanarayana
31 HoD-ME- Dr. T. Vijay Kumar
32 HoD-Dept. of Mathematics- Dr.B.V. Appa Rao
33 HoD-Dept. of Physics- Dr. K. Swapna
34 HoD-Dept. of Chemistry - Dr. A. Venkateswara Rao
35 HoD-Computer Science & Applications- Dr.K. Bhagavan
36 HoD-Dept. of English- Dr.K.Vishnu Divya
37 HoD, Dept. of Basic Engineering Sciences-I- Dr.D. Haritha
38 HoD, Dept.of Basic Engineering Sciences-II- Dr.P.N.V. Bala Subrahmanyam
39 HoD-Design Thinking & Innovation-Dr.K. Narasimha Raju
40 HoD, Department of Architecture- Mrs.A. Priya
41 HoD-Agriculture-Dr.P. Senthil Murugan
42 HoD- Dept. of Arts (BA-IAS)-Dr.K.S. Venkateswara Kumar
43 HoD-BBA- Dr.P.Venkateswara Rao
44 HoD-Commerce- Dr.V. Venu Madhav
45 I/c HoD-Department of Fine Arts- Dr.Y.Subhash
46 HoD-Food Technology-Dr.K. Srinivasulu
47 HoD-Hotel Management- Dr. P. Srinivasan
48 HoD-MBA- Dr.K. Hema Divya
49 HoD-Foreign Languages-Mr. Buddiga Jamindar
50 HoD-Law- Ms. G. Vijaya Sudha
51 Head of Division-Communication Skills- Dr.S. Lavanya
52 Head of Division-Soft Skills - Dr. Ch. Neelima
53 Head of Division-Quant & Reasoning- Mrs.Shabana I
V. Heads of the Departments,KL H Off-Campus Centre, Hyderabad 54 HoD-CSE – Dr.Chiranjeevi Manike,Assoc.Prof.AI & DS,KLH Mobile : 99087 87115 E-mail :;
55 HoD-ECE – Dr.M. GouthamMobile: 9951696086 E-mail:;
56 HoD-AI&DS-Dr. Sandeep Reddy ChitreddyMobile: 7388408585 E-mail:;;
57 FED Coordinator-Dr.G. Rekha,Mobile: 9032022290 E-mail:;
58 HoD, KLHG Business School, Kondapur-Dr.B.BalanagalakshmiMobile No.9894079450 E-mail:;
59 Director-Bowrampet Campus & Dy.Director-Kondapur Campus-Dr.A. Rama Krishna

Ten Professors, other than the Heads of the Departments, by rotation based on inter-se seniority68 60 Dr.D. Venkata Ratnam, Professor, ECE
61 Dr. V. Suryakanth Gangashetty, Professor,CSE
62 Dr. K. Sarat Kumar, ProfessorECE
63 Dr.K.V.D. Kiran, ProfessorCSE
64 Dr. I. Govardhani, Professor,ECE
65 Dr.T. Santhi Sri, CSE (Honours)
66 Dr.G. Pradeepini, ProfessorCSE
67 Dr. G.V. Subba Rao, ProfessorECE
68 Dr. C.M. Sheela Rani, Professor,CS&A
69 Dr.Ch. V. Ramana Murthy, Professor,Mathematics
VII. Two Associate Professors from the Departments other than the Heads of the Departments by rotation based on inter-se seniority 70 Dr. D. Sundari, Associate Professor,MBA
71 Dr.B. Sekhar Babu, Associate Professor,CSE
VIII. Two Assistant Professors from the Departments by rotation based on inter-se seniority 72 Dr. Sabbineni Poojitha,,Assistant Professor, BBA
73 Ms.M.V.B.T. Santhi,Assistant Professor, CSE
IX. Three persons from amongst educationists of repute or persons from any other field related to the activities of the Institution deemed to be University who are not in the service of the Institution deemed to be University. nominated by the Vice-Chancellor 74 Prof. Madhu Mutyam, BSB 356, Dept. of CSEIIT Madras, CHENNAI-600036.Phone: +91 44 22574379
75 Shri Vamsi Chalagulla, Co-Founder & CEO, Third Leap Inc., Hyderabad, Mobile: 9963746164E-Mail:;;
76 Dr.A. Haribabu, Scientist-F, Rudram-3, Research Centre Imarat, Hyderabad-500069, Mobile: 9490192525E-mail:;;
X. Three persons who are not teachers, co-opted by the Academic Council for their specialized knowledge. 77 Librarian- Dr.K. Tata Rao
78 Chief Technical Officer- Sri A. Satya Kalyan
79 In-charge, Physical Education- Dr.K. Sujatha
XI. Registrar 80 Registrar (I/C)- Dr.A. JagadeeshSecretary
XII. Permanent Invitee 81 Controller of Examinations- Dr.A.S.C.S.Sastry
Academic Council Minutes

Minutes of the XXIII meeting of the Academic Council 24th May, 2018.

Minutes of the XXII meeting of the Academic Council 21st March, 2018.

Minutes of the XXI meeting of the Academic Council 25th July, 2017.

Minutes of the XX meeting of the Academic Council 17th December, 2016.

Minutes of the XIX meeting of the Academic Council 23rd July, 2016.

Minutes of the XVIII meeting of the Academic Council 17th March, 2016.

Minutes of the XVII meeting of the Academic Council 19th October, 2015.

Minutes of the XVI meeting of the Academic Council 7th August, 2015.

Minutes of the XV meeting of the Academic Council 8th December, 2014.

Minutes of the XIV meeting of the Academic Council 20th June, 2014.

Minutes of the XIII meeting of the Academic Council 26th February, 2014.

Minutes of the XII meeting of the Academic Council 30th October, 2013.

Minutes of XI meeting of the Academic Council 27th June, 2013.

Minutes of X meeting of the Academic Council 27th December, 2012.

Minutes of IX meeting of the Academic Council 29th August, 2012.

Minutes of VIII meeting of the Academic Council 23rd April, 2012.