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Grievances redressal Policy

GRIEVANCE REDRESSAL CELL: The purpose of this committee is to provide means to seek redressal through investigation, resolution of academic, resource related and personal grievances.

  1. Maintenance and daily monitoring of Online Ticketing Portal for Grievances in ERP (both Central and Department level) to receive grievances.
  2. Resolving the offline complaints such as caste discriminations and sexual harassment sexual harassment from Students, Faculty and Staff through complaint boxes, which are placed in all the blocks.
  3. Appointment of ombudsman & grievance redressal committee (UGC Regulations 2012) to get timely redressal and Zero tolerance.
  4. Follow-up of the resolving procedure to get timely redressal (with in 4-7 days).
  5. Intimation to Honourable Pro-Vice Chancellor, Follow-up of the resolving procedure and report acknowledgement to UGC regarding UGC portal grievances and redressal.

1.Academic grievance

  1. Issues related to course registration
  2. Issues about change of specialization
  3. Issues regarding course requirement and course content
  4. Examinations related issues
  5. Issues related to applying/receiving certificates

2.Administrative Decisions, Services or Facilities

  1. Issues related to transport facility
  2. Issues related to Hostels
  3. Issues related to Canteen
  4. Issues related to Sports
  5. Issues related to Post Office & bank (on campus)
  6. Issues related to other facilities provided by the university (water etc.)

3.Unfair Treatment

Grievances about a student behavior towards other students

Grievances about Faculty & staff behavior towards other students

4.Harassment and Discrimination

Issues related to harassment (sexual)

Issues about Discrimination or racial treatment

Mechanisms for submission of online/offline students’ grievances

Grievances redressal Policy

Grievances Redressel Committee

Students can resolve their grievances by contacting the following

Associate Dean (Grievances, Committees, forums & Cells)
Available @ C412
Contact no: 0863 2399999(1997)

Dr Ch Hanumantha Rao
Dean- student Affairs
Available @ C103
Contact no: 0863 2399999(1314)

Dr KRS Prasad
Advisor- student Affairs
Available @ C103
Contact no: 0863 2399999(1318)

Dr.Habibulla Khan
Advisor- Student Affiars
Available @ C103
Contact no: 0863 2399999(1051)

University Ombudsperson

Dr.V. Balamohandas
Former Vice-Chancellor of Acharya Nagarjuna University
Contact no: +91 98480 10187
Email ID :

Students can approach the Grievance Redressal Cell and submit their grievance in the this format:

Grievance Appeal Form