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Centers of Excellence

Centers of Excellence
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Embedded Systems

Embedded Systems

Testing Embedded systems

1.Testing Embedded systems

2.Testing distributed Embedded Systems

3.Intelligent systems

4.Remote monitoring & Controlling

5.Networking Embedded systems

6.Concurrent processing with in Embedded systems

7.Securing Embedded Systems

Testing & Embedded systems

Intelligent systems

Remote monitoring & Controlling

Networking Embedded systems

Concurrent processing within Embedded systems

Securing Embedded Systems




RF, Microwave and Antennas

Antennas and Propagation

1. Fabrication and signal Distribution Networks for larger arrays

2. RFIC Design and Digital RF Technologies

3. Optically Controlled Microwave Devices and Super Conducting Microwave Circuits

4. Power Line Communication and Green Communication

5. High Frequency Measurement and Connector

6. Fault Tolerance measurement

RF Circuits and Systems

Microwave devices

Satellite, Space and Wireless communication

Test Measurements and Instrumentation

  3   BT   Bioprocess Technology   Bioprocess Technology Biofuels and Bioenergy Metabolic manipulation of lipid pathways in single cells
Nutraceuticals Non destructive NIR role in food and Biomass systems
Biorefinery Processes Enzyme cocktail formulations for lignoceelulosic Biomass conversion
  Enzyme processes for active pharmaceutical ingredients/ Nutraceuticals/ phytochemicals/ value added bioproducts / Biofuels & Bioenergy



Robotics and Mechatronics

Robotics & Mechatronics

SWARM Robotics

1. Smart Systems

Spy Robots

Electro Mechanical Systems

Smart Sensors